Was Robbie Knievel Married? Who Is His Wife?

Who is Robbie Knievel ??

Robbie Knievel is an American Motorcyclist and stunt Performer. Robbie Knievel’s full name was Robert Edward Knievel 2nd and his stage name was Kaptain Robbie Knievel. Mostly he uses his stage name Robbie Knievel born on 7 May , 1962 and he is from Butte Montana , US. 

Career Life of Robbie Knievel 

Robbie Knievel started his career with his father at Madison Square Garden and he was just 8 years old. At the age of 4 Robbie started jumping his bicycle and at the age of 7 he learned to ride a motorcycle. After that he started his pre-jump shows with his father. Roddie’s jumping style is a little bit different from his father.

Robbie’s father’s motorcycle Harley- Davidson XR- 750 motorcycle which is 90 pounds heavier than the Honda motorcycle. His father has done many achievements like Snake River Canyon Jump with Sky Cycle X2 , and Harley Davidson XR-750 jump. 

Robbie Knievel uses a Red- White and blue V shaped jumpsuit that is similar to his father. Robbie’s father is wearing a White leather jumpsuit while performing. And his jumpsuit color means that white with red V line for Teenegers when he is going with his father for stunt , white with blue V line for professional career , and Black with white V line for Las Vegas Mirage jump.

Robbie Knievel also did the dead devil stunt in his life that was really dangerous but he performs that stunt very smoothly and for the audience it was heartbreaking.

Who is the Robbie Knievel Wife ??

 Robbie Knievel married Linda and they have been in a relationship for 38 years. Before their marriage they already had 4 children’s two sons and two daughters. 

Robbie Knievel 2nd wife was  Krystal Kennedy Knievel where he got married after his divorce with his first wife. But after marriage Krystal told Robbie to stay away from his first wife Linda and their relationship is getting rough due to his Ex wife Linda. There are so many problems that are created in their relationship.  

But, Robbie loves his wife very much. He used to give roses, gifts and surprises to his wife but his wife is very much doubtful in nature. Robbie and Krystal’s relationship is getting very rough; they get separated in 1997 and Krystal filed a case against her husband Robbie about domestic violence. 

Krystal said that Robbie is abusing her and hitting her every day because of his Ex wife and Krystal said that I warn Robbie to stay away from his Ex wife. Krystal and Robbie are separated after 4 years of their relationship. 

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Robbie Knievel a Biker Daredevil Died at Age of 60 

Robbie Knievel, a biker Daredevil died due to Pancreatic cancer Robbie’s brother said that he has been suffering from Pancreatic cancer for 30 years. His brother said in one of the interviews that Robbie is well known for his stunts and he does his difficult stunts very smoothly and he gave tribute to his brother Robbie Knievel and started crying.  

Robbie Knievel Current wife . Was Robbie Knievel Married

Before Robbie Knievel’s death he shared one of his tweets that he met with an accident while doing his most famous stunt over the mountains in Las Vegas. And he was in a coma for 29 years. Because his legs got fractured and he wasn’t even able to move from bed and it was really hard to do a stunt with a bike. His several ribs are broken up due to the accident. 

Robbie Knievel left his family at  the age of 60 years and he left his 3 daughter Robbie Knievel not even tell his fans about his health conditions that he suffers with pancreatic cancer. Robbie left this world on 13 January 2023. Robbie fans are tweeting on his twitter account they said it was really heartbreaking news that Robbie left this world very soon. They are getting shocked by this news. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Net Worth of Robbie Knievel in 2022 ??

Robbie Knievel net worth according to 2023 is approximately $ 2 Million. And he earned this from his biking stunt. And his long bike jumping with bike.

How Much Money Did He Taken for His One Jump ??

Robbie Knievel took $ 25,000 for his performance and made a successful jump in the week and made a lot of money for doing stunts.

What Was Robbie Knievel’s Last Bike Stunt ??

Robbie Knievel’s last stunt was at  Coachella, California where he did 160 feet of jump above the tractor trailer over the truck.  

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