Where is Russ Faria Now? Did He Get Engaged Again?

Where is Russ Faria now: Pam Hupp completely turned Russ Faria’s world upside down. Russ Faria (Glenn Fleshler) discovered his wife Betsy Faria’s (Katy Mixon) stabbed body in their house just two days after Christmas 2011. He thought Betsy had committed suicide, so he dialed 911 right away. He was shocked, though, when he was accused of killing her.

In 2013, Russ was falsely convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison, in large part due to the admissions and testimony of Hupp (Renée Zellweger). However, Russ was given a new trial and declared not guilty after waiting two years. In 2018, all eyes were on Hupp, who is behind bars for life for killing Louis Gumpenberger. Betsy’s murder charges were filed against her in 2021, and she is currently awaiting trial. She is now claiming innocence.

In the end, Russ was exonerated of all charges. I mean, what exactly is he doing now? Check out the rest to learn more.

Where is the Real Russ Faria Now?

Five years after being exonerated of Betsy’s murder in 2015, Russ was awarded a $2 million settlement in a civil claim against the police officers whose mistakes contributed to his wrongful conviction. Fox 2 Currently reports that he is now living in Minnesota, where he works at a motorcycle store and volunteers with the Midwest Innocence Project. According to its website, this organization “provides materials for and about persons who were unfairly convicted in the Midwest.”

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In spite of the passage of time—now a full decade—Russ is committed to vindicating the memory of his late wife. “Betsy had an award-winning grin and one of the largest hearts of anybody you ever met,” he said to the publication People. It’s not just me that felt that way—I knew she loved me too.

What did he think of Hupp, if anything? “Evil personified” was all he could think to call her. I can’t move on until this is resolved. I really hope that Pam is found guilty of this act.

In Other Words, did Russ Faria get Engaged Again?

The movie The Thing About Pam ends with the announcement that Russ “is engaged to Carol,” or Carol McAfee. Absolutely correct.

In the wake of Russ’s acquittal, McAfee joined the saga. It was Hupp’s evil plan to frame Russ that ultimately proved fatal. In The Thing About Pam, we witness how Hupp pretended to be a producer for Dateline while driving through McAfee’s trailer park in an attempt to get McAfee into her car and take her home.

Lucky for us, McAfee’s gut warned her something wasn’t right, and she managed to get away. Hupp allegedly contacted Gumpenberger again, in the same manner, six days later. We now know that she killed him with a gunshot. It’s possible McAfee barely averted the same fate.

Russ said to Fox 2 Now, “If it weren’t for [Hupp], I wouldn’t have met this nice lady here, out of all this bad and this bad, bad evil person.”

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When [Betsy] was killed, that was his wife,” McAfee said. Even after her death, that continues to be the case. I have no doubt that she will always hold a special place in his heart. Because if he didn’t still love her, think about her, and miss her, I’d have to doubt his honesty, I have to give him credit for that. And if I wasn’t comfortable with that, I’d have to wonder what was wrong with me.

Does Russ Faria Speak to Betsy Faria’s Family?

As the season came to a close, it was revealed that even after being cleared of all charges, Russ had not reconciled with Betsy’s kids, Leah and Mariah Day (his stepdaughters). And this, sadly, is also true. Through his conversations with Russ, Fleshler was able to better understand the circumstances and prepare for the part.

According to what Fleshler told Newsweek, “almost an entire community turned against Russ, everybody assumed that he did it, he just had a couple of people that stuck by his side.” People in his own family, especially Betsy’s, began to suspect and eventually accuse him of wrongdoing. They weren’t doing it intentionally; they’d just had a loved one taken from them. Indeed, it hurts quite badly in that respect.


What does Russ Faria think about the Show ‘The Thing About Pam’?

According to an interview with NBC Insider, Fleshler said that when he spoke with Minnesota native Russ about his narrative and the series, Russ was candid about his history and “eager” to see it all play out on television.

A quote from Fleshler: “[Russ] was so forthright with his tale, including all the horrific facts of what happened to him, which is simply, his whole life was upended in an instant.” For a very long period, “it just continued on continuing down this really tough road. So, it’s safe to say that his outlook is superior. And he gave me all that without asking anything in return… When he saw the advertisements, he praised me, saying, “My friends all assumed I was me.”


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