Trolley Episode 10 Release Date: Cast & Precious Episode Recap!

Starring Kim Hyun-Joo and Park Hee-soon, Trolley is a popular South Korean drama on television. Premiering on SBS TV on December 19, 2022, at 22:00, it airs on Mondays and Tuesdays every week (KST). It’s also streamable on Netflix in some countries.

Trolley Episode 10 Release Date

On January 17 at 3 pm (GMT) / 10 pm (EST), the tenth episode of Trolley will be made available online (ET). The Netflix subtitling staff is lightning fast, so you may watch your shows or movies in English immediately.

To keep with the show’s usual length, Episode 10 will also likely run for about an hour.

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Trolley Episode 10 Cast

  • Kim Hyun-Joo as Kim Hye-Joo
  • Park Hee-soon as Nam Joong-do
  • Jung Yi-Joo as young Kim Hye-Joo
  • Kim Mu-yeol as Jang Woo-jae
  • Kim Soo-oh as young Nam Joong-do
  • Jung Soo-bin as Kim Soo-bin

Trolley Precious Episode Recap

The eighth episode of Trolley begins with Hye-Joo and Ki-young meeting for coffee. When we flash back to earlier scenes of them together at school, she becomes even more anxious. When asked if he likes Hye-Joo, Ki-young is honest but adds that she doesn’t treat him as more than a classmate.

Because of this connection, the current Seung-hee/Hye-Joo issue is even more challenging than it already is. Ki-young begins with small talk but quickly moves on to the meat of the matter. What he really wants is for Hye-Joo to say sorry to Seung-ho for everything that has happened. He says this may be the key to calming Seung-hee down after learning that her mother is a lunatic and that she is constantly fidgeting. Ki-young thinks this is the best way to make him feel better and to attempt to keep things stable. That is until he has a change of heart at a later time.

As soon as she returns home, Soo-bin begins hoovering, but when Yeo-jin asks her to do the entire house, she refuses, recalling Hye-warning joo’s not to enter her chamber. Not to mention Joong-caution do’s about respecting her space. Soo-bin doesn’t want to get herself in any more trouble than she already is right now.

Later that evening, Hye-Joo comes upon Soo-bin out in the cold and rain. Because of what she had mentioned before, she decided to stop by Hye-book joo’s restoration office. After some time, Hye-Joo embraces the young woman, assuring her that she is concerned for Soo-bin and their newborn’s wellbeing. On the other hand…there is a catch. Actually, Soo-bin has miscarried, but she hasn’t told anyone about it yet.


Once back at home, Hye-Joo gives Soo-bin a bath and uses the time to catch up with her daughter, who has been MIA for the whole of the current season. Anyway, Yoon-Seo is currently pondering the Trolley Dilemma we discussed earlier. Joong-do recalls his time with Ji-hoon as he and Hye-Joo spend time together after the latter decided to stay for a bit.

Hye-Joo visits Ms. Cho in the morning and finds that she is recovering and not dead. Soo-bin, meantime, was invited to pay the studio a visit and ended up dropping by to check it out.

Exactly How Many Episodes Does Season 1 of Trolley Have?

In the K-drama Trolley, two episodes are released every week for a total of sixteen. After this, there will be a total of six more episodes.

Trolley Season 1: Where to Watch

Trolley will soon be streamable on Netflix all across the world. However, this is an original production by SBS and airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. (KST).


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