Are Holly and Nathan From Too Hot to Handle Still Together or Not? Know Here!

Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu were endgames even before they found out that Pleasure Island was the Netflix hit Too Hot to Handle. The couple hit it off right away. During their time in the villa, they lost more money than any other couple in Too Hot to Handle history.

The relationships at the paradise retreat got stronger in the third season of Too Hot to Handle. Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan fell in love right away, and Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson went from being friends to dating.

Holly and Nathan cost their other competitors most of the prize money by kissing, and they left the retreat looking like they were getting married. In this article, we will discuss whether Are Holly and Nathan Still Together or not? Go through the whole article to get all information.

What Did We Know So Far About Nathan?

The third season of Too Hot to Handle is well underway, but the drama has just begun. As the nine candidates get used to not touching each other sexually and following Lana’s rules, paradise will soon become a romantically heated challenge.

Nathan is a famous person who has already said in his Instagram bio that he is “Lana’s most sought-after.” He is sure to break the rules. Here’s everything you need to know about the contestant and what he’ll bring to this year’s Too Hot To Handle. With Nathan in the game, it seems like the $200,000 prize pool won’t last long.


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Nathan is 24 years old. He is a model from South Africa and a business student. Netflix calls Nathan the “most notorious party animal” in Cape Town. Nathan calls himself an “international playboy” who doesn’t have time to be single.

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What Did We Know So Far About Holly?

Fans were calling Holly Scarfone a “Kylie Jenner look-alike” before the show began, so she was one of the most talked-about contestants. The question is, how old is Holly Scarfone? How does she use Instagram, and does she have a boyfriend?

Holly is a Canadian psychology student who lives in the US and goes to school at the University of Colorado. The 23-year-old usually lives by the motto “Work hard, play hard,” and he thinks this will help him find fun (or love) on the island of Turks and Caicos. Holly is also a model, which you can see on her Instagram feed.


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Holly is always on the lookout for a new guy to hang out with when she’s not busy with school or modeling. The newest reality TV star thinks she is very attractive and has a lot of self-confidence. She doesn’t like being in relationships, which is too bad. We can assume that Holly doesn’t want to get married right away.

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Are Holly and Nathan Still Together?

From what the show has posted on Instagram, it looks like these two lovers didn’t make it in the end. In the official Instagram update video, the two talk about their relationship on a Zoom call. They say that it was hard to keep things as hot as they were on the show because of the pandemic and Holly’s plans to go to college.

At the same time, though, that same video showed both former contestants talking over each other and saying “I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out” almost at the same time while smiling and gushing about each other. But there are hints on social media that there might be a little more going on behind the scenes.

Several of Nathan’s Instagram posts show the two of them cuddling in different, sometimes far-flung places. Holly even said, “I’ll never get used to how tall you are,” and “These photos are so special,” to which he replied, “I can’t wait to make more.

On the surface, it looks like they may still be figuring things out. However, many comments on those posts and others on both of their Instagram accounts accuse the two of faking it for publicity. No matter what is going on, it’s probably safe to assume that the status of their relationship is “it’s complicated.”

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