Are Harry and Beaux From Too Hot to Handle Still Together?

In Season 3 of “Too Hot to Handle,” a new group of raunchy, sexy singles show up on an island thinking they’re going to get lucky, only to find out they’re part of a social experiment about dating.

Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson, who started dating on the show and are now the first couple to be nominated together for the prize money, are the first couple to be nominated together. In the end, their fellow contestants praise them for keeping their hormones in check. Beaux and Harry have high hopes for their relationship when they leave paradise.

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Are Harry and Beaux Still Together?

Harry and Beaux are no longer together, having split up after returning home from the retreat and resuming their usual lives. They declared their split in an Instagram video uploaded by Too Hot to Handle a week after the concert finished.

Harry elaborated: “Our relationship status is now single, but we communicate every day. Who knows what might occur? We haven’t seen each other yet, obviously… We struggled a lot with the distance, and when we returned to the UK, we were completely shut down.”

“Never say never,” he continued, and Beaux agreed. After building a romantic relationship just a few episodes into season 3, Harry and Beaux undoubtedly grew from strength to strength during their time in the retreat.

Those who made it to the end will be aware that Harry and Beaux went on to win the series, taking home the remaining $90,000 cash prize as the only couple in the final.

The pair are still in daily communication despite their split, with Beaux telling us: “I mean, it was funny because when he first walked in I didn’t really fancy him so it was crazy that every day you’re building up that connection and from then we just went closer and closer.

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Is Beaux Raymond Dating Anyone Else?

There is not any confirmed information that she is dating anyone else. Beaux defines herself as having “a bit of a wild side” and no filter. She prefers a man with a little something to cling onto to a ripped, handsome boy who is obsessed with the gym.


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How Old is Harry From Too Hot to Handle and Where is He From?

Harry Johnson, who is 26 years old and is from a quaint community on the outskirts of Middlesborough, is a member of the band. Before joining the cast of the popular dating program, the person who looks like a pop star had a job as a tree surgeon.


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It has been said that Johnson is the ‘Styles lookalike‘ of the series, and it appears that Johnson bestowed the designation upon himself. Before agreeing to feature in the hit reality show on Netflix, the soon-to-be reality star was characterized as a fun-loving party boy; this should add some tension to the third season of the show.

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