Here is Everything About “They Both Die at the End” Release Date!

What is the “They Both Die at the End” Release Date? Based on Adam Silvera’s novel, the show is set in the near future, when everyone receives a bureaucratic phone call informing them that it is the start of their final day on Earth.

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“They Both Die at the End” Release Date

They Both Die at the End is still in pre-production, and Netflix hasn’t specified a release date, but given how long movies normally take to shoot, we can presumably anticipate it to debut on the streaming service sometime in 2024.

“They Both Die at the End” Plot

Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio, the two major protagonists of They Both Die at the End, share a tragic story. Both are strangers at first, but they will become star-crossed lovers after receiving a call from Death-Cast, a technology capable of precisely predicting when someone would die, that they will die on the same day.

Fortunately for the pair, their reality also has Last Buddy, a useful app where those reaching their “End day” may meet up and, well, create a last friend. Mateo and Rufus are able to find one another via the reliable app with only 24 hours before they both pass away, and they both realize that they want to share more than the same “End day.”

They start on a final few hours of adventure that is both heartbreaking and uplifting. While crossing stuff off their bucket lists, the strangers-turned-friends connect on a profound level.

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“They Both Die at the End” Cast

It was originally planned for Chris Kelly to helm the film, and J.J. Abrams and Ben Stephenson were involved in the project as executive producers.

They Both Die at the End Release Date

However, for reasons that have not been made public, this project has been secretly scrapped, and all of the previously mentioned developers have moved on to other endeavors.

Following what can only be described as a brief hiatus, Dusen will soon make his way back to the streamer in the show They Both Die at the End. However, the creator does not publicly announce any cast members as of now.

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Is There Any Trailer for “They Both Die at the End”?

As we earlier mentioned They Both Die at the End Release Date is not announced yet and it is sad for all of us that we have had to wait for so long to find any trailer. Whenever Netflix releases the teaser or trailer we will update that in this article. Stay tuned with us.

What do We know so far about “They Both Die at the End”?

Van Dusen’s first project with Netflix, Bridgerton, was a huge success, and both Van Dusen and Netflix will be hoping for the same with this new project. Bridgerton was and still is a unique show that got Netflix’s attention, with the first and second seasons becoming the streaming service’s most popular English-language show for a long time.

The show’s success led to orders for a third and fourth season as well as a prequel. Netflix has shown that it cares about diversity and inclusion, and a queer love story as this one fits right in with what it wants to do.

Silvera is adding to the world of They Both Die at the End with the new prequel book, The First to Die at the End, which was just as popular as its predecessor.

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