11 Best TV Series About Work in 2023

TV shows about offices and workplaces have always been very popular among bingers worldwide. These series and sitcoms have become popular because they showcase the backstage of certain types of careers, particularly in medicine, business, politics, and even police and the army.

In this article, we have put together some of the best ‘office’ television shows you can immerse into.

What Are Some Of The Best TV Series About Work?

Some of the best TV shows about work include the following.

1. Industry

Industry is one of the best workplace TV shows today, especially if you are looking for something like ‘Euphoria meets investment banking.’ This series is very suspenseful, smart, and gritty. You will go bonkers with this show, which is currently available on HBO Max.

The show is all about five summer associates competing for a full-time position at a prestigious London-based investment bank. The youngsters are all power-hungry and cocaine-addled and keep throwing away terms related to stock trading. The series also deals with relations’ questionable politics and the firm itself.

The performances by Ken Leung and Myha’a Herrold are amazing. The show subtlely shows the constant horror of being a colored individual in a patriarchal environment and the things that you have to do to reach the top spot.

2. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is one of the TV series that has a hearty and comedic script, an impeccable cast, and a sense of positivity that does not feel inauthentic or corny. The sitcom’s story takes place in a fictional town called Pawnee, located in Indiana. The characters are eccentric, lazy, corrupt, and work in a small government office.

These characters, which include Tom, April, and Ron, do everything in their power to hinder the opportunities of Leslie Knope, an enthusiastic bureaucrat. Despite their efforts, Leslie is particularly loved by her co-workers and bands them together through her love for her town and the working of the government.

The face behind the wholesome blunders and comedic timing is Amy Poehler; it is regrettable that she could not win an Emmy throughout the show’s seven seasons. The show was previously available on Netflix; if you want to watch it now, you can head over to Peacock.

The Dropout

In this mini-series, we see Amanda Seyfried’s best piece as the former CEO of Theranos, which is a very successful Silicon Valley startup, and a real-life fraudster, Elizabeth Holmes.

When it comes to the scammer TV genre, The Dropout is all about Elizabeth Holmes’s psychology and the experience she faces as an outcast. She also develops an unconventional relationship with Sunny Balwani, her business partner.

When you start the season, you will see Amanda Seyfried’s Emmy-winning performance. Her aversion to societal norms, supreme resolve, and fluent Mandarin will get your feelings all over the place. All these should be good enough to help you understand this ill-reputed character.

4. WeCrashed

WeCrashed is a mini-series based on the real-life story of Adam Neumann and WeWork, a shared workspace company. This sitcom deals with the rise and fall of WeWork, albeit with a few changes here and there. Anne Hathaway stars in this limited series as Neumann’s wife.

If you did not know, WeWork was founded by Adam Neumann, an Israeli billionaire (played by Jared Leto). The story follows as Neumann works to create a communal space for workers in the growing economy.

However, the couple soon turned this $4.6 billion company into an outlandish nightmare filled with financial losses and difficulties.

The series is quite precise for most details, including the story of WeWork itself and how Neumann was perceived by his investors and employees. You will see a lot of elements that are particularly hard to believe.

America Ferrera stars as a fictional founder that drains the company under the pretenses of success. Overall, Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway pull off their characters in amazing ways. Each episode of this thriller/love/slow-burn tale contains more shenanigans than the previous one. You can binge this series on Apple TV.

5. Severance

You will not find a lot of sci-fi thriller television series that have been themed around workspaces and offices. However, Severance is a show that begs to differ. The well-known Adam Scott plays the role of a Lumon Industries employee who wants to undertake the ‘severance’ procedure – this process will separate all work memories from personal cognizance.

While it may sound very sci-fi, it is just a front for only what can be described as psychological horror. The episodes of Severance keep building upon themselves slowly. Additionally, the performances by Britt Lower, Yul Vazquez, Patricia Arquette, and Christopher Walken are eerily great. Severance is perhaps the first of the corporate horror genre.

6. Younger

Younger is a sitcom that delves into the life of a 40-year-old divorced mother, Liza (Sutton Foster), who decides to start her life all over again from her 20s-something. This is a typical ‘middle-aged woman taking control of her life’ genre sitcom where Liza enters into the book publishing industry.

The series is known to provide a lot of gems, like Liza’s friendship with Kelsey (Hillary Duff), an editor, and romance with a much-younger Nico Tortorella. Additionally, you will see all ages of blunders done by Liza while trying to juggle her personal and professional lives as well as hiding her secret.

If you love reading or are a nerd for romance, Younger should be on your binge-watch list, especially if you love similar shows like Emily in Paris and Sex and the City.

7. Superstore

Very similar to Parks and Recreation, Superstore’s surface may seem very uninteresting. It is about the employees trying to deal with customers at St. Louis, a retail chain store. Also, these employees are trying their best for a better job position.

There are smaller details, like forming relationships, etc. However, what makes Superstore so special is that it showcases how most of the working class survives. While they may not like the job, they do it anyways to meet their financial needs. Due to this, their jobs become an integral part of their identity and livelihood.

The series also tackles other aspects of our workplaces like unionism, immigration status, class divide, sexual harassment, sexism, etc. Additionally, the show gained fam used to the inclusion of characters like a gay Filipino immigrant, a disabled character, etc. The show deals with the dangers and reality of working in America.

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a popular TV series that describes the lives of the officers working for the NYPD (New York Police Department), 99th precinct. The drama showcases the world of modern policing since we all know that the policing environment is quite a polarizing topic.

The show’s main character is Jake Peralta, portrayed by Andy Samberg. You will also find a diverse range of complex characters played by people of color. The show’s storyline is great and allows for character development, unlike anything else.

9. The Office

When you are talking about shows about workplaces, you cannot leave out The Office. However, it is not your average joe. The viewpoint of watching The Office when you were young and after you have been in your workplace is completely different. What started as the story behind the lives of the great characters takes a more shrewd and darker turn, all of which you would have experienced by working in an office yourself.

<p>While we know that Michael is the daily villain of the show, he keeps reminding us that there is nothing wrong in caring for the place where you work or with whom you work. The show beautifully showcases friendship and love in a workspace. Additionally, all the characters in this sitcom are worth watching.</p>

10. Are You Being Served

Are You Being Served is a drama series that dives into the working of a department store that eventually takes a comedic turn. Here, you will witness the great chemistry between the cast’s exceptionally gifted members. Out of them, Mrs. Slocum is indeed the heart and soul of the sitcom.

As the series keeps progressing, this chemistry only grows stronger; this phase also introduces raunchy inside jokes. This is a great show you can watch—it is a comedy show, after all! However, it would help if you remembered that this is quite an old series, similar to ER; this means that some of the dated jokes over here can be offensive to some viewers.

Final Thoughts

Now, let us consider that you work in the recruitment sector. This means that you will have to work for significantly long hours with minimum breaks. If you could make some time to watch any of these shows that we have discussed during the break sessions, you will rebuild your positive vibes.

Do you think we have missed out on some series? If yes, you can let us know in the comment section.

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