Brie Bella And Bryan Danielson Relationship Timeline From 2010-2022

Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The star of the show Total Bellas met her future husband for the first time in the WWE ring in 2010. They hit it off right away. After four years, they got married and have been together ever since.

Bella and Danielson had their first child, a daughter named Birdie Joe, in May 2017. In August 2020, their son, Buddy Dessert, was born, making them a family of four.

Over the years, the couple has reached many other important milestones. They often post sweet messages to each other on social media and show glimpses of their family life.

Here is a full timeline of Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson’s relationship, from when they met in the wrestling ring to the good and bad parts of being married.

brie bella and bryan danielson relationship timeline

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