The Resident Season 7 Expected Release Date: Here’s what we know

The resident season 7 release date: After much wait, a premiere date for Season 7 of The Resident has been set. The much-anticipated second season of the critically acclaimed drama will premiere in 2023. An American drama series, The Resident, made its debut on Disney+. This new season of The Resident is a continuation of the web series that began in 2022.

As Season 6’s cliffhanger proved, Season 7 will undoubtedly keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The Resident has a fantastic cast and production team, and it’s swiftly rising to the top of the ratings. Get ready for the next exciting season of The Resident by marking your calendars now.

The Resident Season 7 Renewed or Canceled

Many viewers of The Resident want to know if the show will be renewed for a seventh season or if season six will be the last. The Resident may or may not be renewed for a seventh season, as the show’s production company has not yet made any definitive remarks one way or the other. After The Resident’s upcoming sixth season concludes, we may expect to hear whether or not the show will be renewed.


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The Resident Season 7 Release Date

The release date of the highly anticipated drama has not yet been set. While we await confirmation of renewal, we estimate that the seventh season of The Resident will premiere in the September of 2023.

The Resident Season 7 Trailer

There have been no changes to the Season 7 trailer as of yet, perhaps because the launch of ‘The Resident Season 6 is not until September 20 of this year.

The Resident Season 7 Cast

TV Insider has deduced the cast of The Resident’s sixth season by analyzing the show’s promotional materials. At Chastain Memorial Hospital, this is a fair representation of the upcoming season’s cast. The Doctors: Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuzhry), Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal), Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood), Kit Voss (Jane Leeves), Aj Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas), Anuja Joshi (Leela Devi), Ian Sullivan (Andrew Mccarthy), and Doctor.

The Resident Season 7 Plot

Since the show is about medical professionals, it frequently emphasizes the great sacrifices that doctors and nurses make to put their patients’ needs first. The medical staff at Chastain Memorial Hospital face personal and professional challenges of their own, but they persevere for the sake of their patients in this drama.

Conrad lost his wife Nic in the fifth season, and he had to face the difficulties of raising their daughter alone. To establish some kind of routine in his life, he goes out on dates, but he quickly finds himself in a love triangle with Billie and Cade. Kit and Randolph got engaged, and Devon and Leela reconciled.


Their future will become clear in season 6. The story arc and new twists revealed in the seventh season will be directly influenced by what transpires in the sixth season.

Rating & Review of ‘The Resident’


On August 5, 2022, the first season of The Resident premiered to rave reviews from viewers. The series was well-received by audiences online, with many five-star ratings and reviews. Season 6 of The Resident has an average audience score of 77% on IMDb, a score of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a score of 69% on Google.


An outstandingly well-made series, with fascinating plots, excellent performances, and a stunning score. Superior to the great majority of new hospital dramas by a wide margin. Despite trying and watching many others, this is the only medical or hospital-themed TV show I’ve ever found entertaining. This was all there was before “dr. House” and “The Knick.” Don’t write it off after the first few episodes; it gets better from here.

“The Resident”: Where Can I Stream It?

Although The Resident airs on Fox, it is no need to fret if you do not have access to that network. We Would Like to Offer Some Further Suggestions. Those who don’t have access to Fox can watch The Resident on Disney+hotstarYouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, or FuboTV.

When Season 7 is launched, it, too, will be available on all the same platforms that Season 6 is currently available on.


The long-awaited debut date for Season 7 of The Resident has been scheduled for September 2023. Mark your calendars, for the medical drama at Chastain Memorial Hospital returns for a new season in the fall.

We can expect Season 7 to be just as fascinating as its predecessors, even though the show’s production company has not yet announced whether or not the show will be renewed for an eighth season.

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