Meet the ‘the Circle’ Season 5 Cast and Check Out Their Instagram!

The Circle Season 5 Cast: With a new season of The Circle now available on Netflix, we get to see a whole new group of players enter the fray. This reality show, hosted by Michelle Buteau, follows a group of people who share an apartment complex but have never met one another in person.

At certain points in the game, the cast members hold rating ceremonies in which the most popular are labeled “influencers,” while the least popular are at risk of being “blocked” and ultimately removed. This season’s competition has an added twist: all of the contestants are playing as single people on their web profiles, so there will be plenty of opportunities for flings.

On December 28, the first of the new episodes of The Circle premiered. On January 4 and 11, and the season finale will air on January 18, the remaining episodes of the season will be aired.

Now that the season’s varied new candidates have been introduced, Newsweek has all the details you need on the cast of The Circle, including how to locate them on social media.

The Circle Season 5 Cast with Instagram Accounts

1. Shubham Goel

Shubham Goel, better known by his nickname “Shooby,” placed second to eventual winner Joey Sasso in the very first season of “The Circle.” Will he be able to top himself this time?


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A post shared by Shubham Goel (@shubham_goell)

2. Brett Robinson

Brett Robinson is yet another well-known name in sports that fans may recognize. On Big Brother 20, he competed in 2018 and came in at position six.

3. Chaz Lawery

Chaz Lawery, the new star of The Circle, is a Philadelphia-based mobile vehicle detailer.

4. Billie-Jean Blackett

According to Westside Talent, Billie-Jean is a model and a radio host in London for Flex FM. She has over 15,000 followers on IG, so she definitely gets invited to a lot of brand events even when she’s not modeling or on the radio.

5. Brian Clark

According to Brian’s Instagram, his interests include sightseeing, dining, sporting events, and taking photographs. In spite of the fact that he claims to be a digital creator and resident of Portland, Oregon, the vast majority of his images are of him traveling the globe in a “tourist” capacity.

To avoid being exposed as himself, Brian said in his introduction video for The Circle, “I’ll be using my expertise to root out all the catfish, except for one person, me.”

6. Marvin Achi


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“I have the looks, I got the physique, and I got the intelligence,” Marvin says in his promotional video. I’m coming after you with all the firepower I’ve got!

Indeed, he has a point. According to the photos on Marvin’s Instagram, he is a chemical engineer with an unhealthy preoccupation with physical fitness. Having doubts? Visit his Instagram to see the results of his rigorous training.

7. Oliver TwiXt


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A post shared by Oliver TwiXt (@heisolivertwixt)

If you’ve been watching The Circle, Season 5, you may recognize Oliver from that season. Before Netflix came knocking, he starred in the WE tv show The TS Madison Experience. He is also well-known for his habit of posting social media interviews with contestants from America’s Next Top Model.

8. Raven Sutton


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A post shared by Raven (@bluejay19xx)

Raven is a disability advocate and a deaf performer with over 48,000 Instagram followers before Season 5 of The Circle even started. Also, she’s groundbreaking since she’s the first deaf competitor the show has ever featured.

And Paris is here to interpret and lend moral support.

9. Sam Carmona

Sam, a 34-year-old Brooklyn resident, and independent makeup artist work out of her apartment. Both her introduction video and Instagram state the same thing. She has over 54,000 Instagram followers, and a simple browse through her postings reveals that she enjoys visiting with friends and family and taking photos of New York City.

10. Tasia Lesley


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According to the opening video, Tasia, the self-proclaimed “CEO of Comfy,” will be joining The Circle as a catfish. In spite of E! News’ claim that the 29-year-old content creator is from Las Vegas, Tasia’s Instagram reveals that she enjoys seeing new places and sharing vlogs of her daily life.

11. Tom Houghton


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A post shared by Tom Houghton (@honourabletom)

A British stand-up comedian named Tom walks into The Circle full of self-assurance. He states, “It’s my duty to walk into a room and make everyone like me straight away,” in his promotional video. As for me, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing around these parts.

He further claimed in the post’s description that he had previously lived in the Tower of London.

12. Xanthi Perdikomatis


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A post shared by Xanthi Perdikomatis (@xanthijoanna)

Xanthi comes in last. According to her Instagram bio, she works as a fashion model. According to the description of the picture in which she revealed her casting on The Circle, her character would be playing a preschool instructor. It would appear that she does a fair amount of business travel, but that she also maintains a significant presence in Miami.



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