A Look at the Release Date of ‘Sex Lives of College Girls Season 3’!

HBO Max’s new season of ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ has been hilarious. Since the second season continues to take place during the protagonists’ first year at Essex College, it appears likely that the show will run for a long time—possibly even beyond their college years.

Normally I’d say “semester,” but on this show, they use “trimester.”) What about Season 3 though? Is it true that HBO recently canceled a number of shows? Recent cancellations include Made for Love, The Time Traveler’s Wife, At Home with Amy Sedaris, and Raised by Wolves, among others. What we know and don’t about season 3 of The Sex Lives of College Girls.

Is Season 3 of The Sex Lives of College Girls on the way?

Regardless of the reality that HBO Max has spent the last few weeks canceling several of our favorite shows, it appears that one may be spared. The third season renewal of Sex Lives of College Girls was announced on December 14. It appears that we will be returning to Essex for a second semester, so please submit your deposit as soon as possible.

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 3 Release Date

Season one of ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ premiered on HBO Max in November 2021, while season two premiered in November 2022. This means that Season 3 of “The Sex Lives of College Girls” will probably drop in November 2023.

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 3 Cast

The main cast from Season 2 should return for Season 3 unless there are any huge cast exits like the one following ‘The Sex Lives of College Girl Season 1’ (looking at you, Gavin Leatherwood). Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur, Renee Rapp, Alyah Chanelle Scott, Mekki Leeper, Renika Williams, Christopher Meyer, Ilia Isorel’s Paulino, Betti, and Lauren “Lolo” Spencer are only a few of the actors featured in ‘The Sex Lives of College Girl’.

The Season 2 finale hinted that Kaur was the only one who could leave the show. It’s highly unlikely that Bela, as one of the program’s four major college girls and possibly one of the funniest, will ever leave Essex or the show itself. However, the cast is still being kept under wraps until the formal announcement is made.

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Both seasons one and two of “The Sex Lives of College Girl” are currently available to watch on HBO Max.

What will the third season of The Sex Lives of College Girls be about?

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 3 will most likely follow the quad squad as they navigate the ups and downs of college life and their developing sexualities, much like the first two seasons. Leighton leaves Kappa and comes out to her family towards the end of season 2, following which she ends her relationship with her “doppelganger,” Tatum, and reconnects with ex-girlfriend Alicia.

Canaan, Kimberly’s coworker at Sips and a former flame of Whitney’s, sparks a burgeoning romance in Kimberly. To Kimberly’s surprise, Whitney witnessed their passionate embrace and decided to take over Leighton’s former room in the Kappa sorority house.

Bela has injured many people, including her childhood best friend Eric and her classmates at The Foxy. Since her academic performance has suffered as a result of all that has happened this semester, she is shown in the season two finale visiting a guidance counselor to ask for a transfer.


What happens to Leighton, Kimberly, Whitney, and Bela’s friendship as tensions mount in their first year of college? Do they stick together and finish the year as best friends? If we want to know, we’ll have to wait for season three of The Sex Lives of College Girls to air.

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