Here is Everything About Cursed Season 2 Release Date!

Are you looking for a Cursed Season 2 Release Date? It’s been 2 years since Netflix first release Crushed Season 1 on July 17, 2020. It is based on Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s book with pictures of the same name. There were ten episodes in the first season, and boy, did they have a lot going on! At first glance, the characters in Cursed look like they’ve been around before.

Fans are excited for season 2 for so long. But What is the Renewal Status of Cursed Season 2? When will Season 2 be available to stream? Who will be returning for season 2? We will solve all these Queries. In this article, we will discuss the Cursed Season 2 Release Date, plot, cast, trailer, and much more. Please read the full article for complete information.

Cursed Season 2 Renewal Status!

A further ironic curse has fallen upon the series, unfortunately. As with other canceled projects, Netflix has decided to end production on ‘Cursed’. For a very long time, Netflix said nothing about whether or not they planned to renew the show. Then, in July of 2021, Netflix finally said something, officially canceling Season 2 of the show.

Netflix did not issue any statements clarifying its decision to cancel. The streamer does not want to elaborate on their major choices. With the exception of their most successful shows, Netflix does not disclose audience numbers. Read the forthcoming paragraph to know the Cursed Season 2 Release Date.

What Made Netflix Drop Cursed?

Cursed was not as popular as Netflix’s other shows, so when it was canceled, the news didn’t get much attention, and the company didn’t give a clear reason why. It could have just been that Season 1 didn’t get enough viewers over time, even though it was popular when it started.

There may also have been budget problems, given how many shows Netflix is working on at any given time and how much money probably went into making Cursed set in the Middle Ages.

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Cursed Season 2 Release Date

Even though the first season just started on July 17, the fact that a second season has been ordered shouldn’t worry you. Even though Netflix doesn’t say how many people watched Cursed in its first week, all signs point to it doing well.

Cursed Season 2 Release Date

However, if Cursed is renewed for season 2 then it will definitely be released in starting January 2024. But this is only our assumption there is not confirmed release date.

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Cursed Season 2 Storyline

Since Nimue’s fate was foreshadowed in the season premiere, it shouldn’t have been as much of a shock when Iris dealt Nimue what may have been the final blow. The second season should be when Nimue really embraces her destiny as the legendary Lady of the Lake, but this is by no means the final chapter for her.

Season 2 may possibly reveal Nimue’s full range of abilities. Nimue, distraught over Gawain’s death, called upon The Hidden once more, unleashing a magical shockwave that reverberated across the Pendragon camp. When Nimue was taken by the Red Paladins, Gawain’s body was suddenly engulfed in a magical ring of grass and flowers.

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Cursed Season 2 Cast

The good news is that the end of season 1 set up a lot of interesting stories for almost all of the main characters, so we’ll probably see a lot of familiar faces in season 2. Peter Mullan may not be in season 2 because his character, the cruel Father Carden, was killed off quickly at the end of season 1. The cast who can return are given below:

  • Katherine Langford as Nimue
  • Devon Terrell as Arthur
  • Gustaf Skarsgård as Merlin
  • Peter Mullan as Father Carden
  • Lily Newmark as Pym
  • Shalom Brune-Franklin as Igraine
  • Daniel Sharman as The Weeping Monk
  • Sebastian Armesto as King Uther
  • Emily Coates as Iris
  • Catherine Walker as Lenore
  • Billy Jenkins as Squirrel

Is There Any Trailer for Cursed Season 2?

Cursed Season 2 has not been announced yet. So fans have to wait for a long time to watch the first look of season 2. As of now, you can watch the trailer for season 1 below:

Cursed Season 1 Ratings

When judging a show, everyone looks at its rating. Most of the time, the best way to know if a show will continue to air is to look at how well it does in the ratings. As your rank goes up, your chances of making it are better. The show has a good IMDb rating of 5.9/10 and a good audience rating of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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