Is Last Chance U: Basketball Renewed for a Third Season?

Last Chance U: Basketball season 3: In the second season of Last Chance U: Basketball on Netflix, the Huskies are revved up and ready to score. East Los Angeles College’s men’s basketball team and its coach are the subjects of a docuseries.

Here’s why everyone loves Last Chance: U: The best part about basketball is getting to know the players on and off the court. In the words of some viewers, it’s “the best show Netflix has ever made.”

Fans of the show, both old and new, have been wondering when Season 3 of Last Chance U: Basketball would be available online since the release of Season 2. So far, this is what we know about Season 3 of Last Chance U: Basketball.

Last Chance U: Basketball season 3 Renewed Or Cancelled

As of this writing, the third season of Last Chance U: Basketball has not been ordered. Given the show’s subject matter, that could shift if it proves to be a commercial success for Netflix.

Netflix considers a variety of factors, such as the show’s initial viewership and subsequent viewership decline, before deciding whether or not to renew a season. Decisions on the future of some shows (such as Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Irregulars) are made fast, but for others, it can take months.

So far, viewers and reviewers of Last Chance U: Basketball have given the series high marks. Many have praised the series’ engaging storytelling and tight editing.

Even though John Mosley suggested there wouldn’t be a sequel in his final interviews for the program, the way things are set up, there is definitely a possibility for a sequel. Plenty of options exist, such as keeping tabs on the next generation of talent at East Los Angeles College (ELAC) or switching gears to focus on another collegiate squad.

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We’re taking a chance and saying that we expect this to be renewed for a third season and that the renewal announcement is imminent. When we get more information in the coming weeks and months, we will be sure to update this area accordingly.

“Last Chance U: Basketball” Season 3: Will It Happen?

The holiday season has not arrived early for basketball lovers at Last Chance U. Netflix has not picked up the show for a third season as of December 21st, 2022. However, the streaming service typically waits at least a month before confirming whether or not a show has been extended for a second season.

Given the success of the other seasons of Last Chance U, it would be surprising if Basketball wasn’t renewed for a third season. (The Last Chance U: Basketball franchise is a spinoff of the original Last Chance U series, which followed collegiate football players at several institutions.)

It’s possible that Last Chance U: Basketball will follow in the footsteps of the original series, which ran for a total of five seasons.


How many episodes are in Season 2 of “Last Chance U: Basketball”?

The second season of Last Chance U: Basketball also consists of eight episodes, each of which is an hour long. Seasons 1 and 2 of Last Chance U: Basketball are currently available to watch in their entirety on Netflix.

If a team is featured on a show like Last Chance U: Basketball, what is the show’s ultimate goal for them? Just do it. They aren’t satisfied with simply winning; each player has his sights set on the major leagues. To be more exact, the NBA.

It’s more than making baskets or getting boards. The Huskies give everything they have into every game in the hopes of being seen by NBA scouts and earning a shot at the big leagues. In the meantime, you can watch the first two seasons of Last Chance U: Basketball on Netflix right now.

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