How Old Was Papa Jim When He Died? Latest Info 2022!

Prankster Papa Jim, who just turned 92 in December, used to be in Duncan’s videos and do crazy things like skinny dipping and quad biking.

Seeing how close they are, you might think that Jim is Duncan’s grandfather. But he is the grandfather of David Tomchinsky, a YouTuber and Duncan’s close friend. David works for Danny Duncan as his Executive Assistant and Manager of Social Media.

In this article, we will give you information about the age of Papa Jim at the time of his death. Read the full article for all information.

How Old Was Papa Jim When He Died?

Before he died, Papa Jim was 92 years old. At the moment, we don’t know what killed him. Even though Danny put out the video on May 21, he said that Papa Jim had died on May 12.

Danny shared a bunch of photos of Papa Jim and himself on Instagram to confirm the sad news. He wrote, “Thanks for all the laughs and memories I’ll never forget. I love you papa Jim.’

People could remember what a fun, happy, and active person Papa Jim was just by looking at the pictures. He proved that the phrase “age is just a number” is true.

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How did Papa Jim Die?

Duncan put up a post on Instagram in which he and his brother said they miss their dad and showed a picture of them together in February. RIP is also written there.

When his friends and family found out about his sad story, they were shocked and started paying tribute to him on social media. Many of them say that his family and friends have our deepest condolences. We ask God to give his family the strength they need to deal with the loss.

Rest in peace,” says another. Jim. We know how hard things were for you while you were raising your kids. It was hard for parents to take care of their kids when they didn’t have enough money or good resources.

Tributes on Social Media!

When Danny told the internet that Papa Jim had died on May 12, the internet broke. After the YouTuber posted the video, people didn’t wait long to share more messages of respect.

Since Papa Jim had more than six million followers, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the tribute videos made people cry. Some of the messages they sent to honor him are shown below:

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