Models Unexpected Nip Slip on Fashion Show Runway!

The models stomping down the runway while permanently frowning might make Fashion Week seem like a gloomy occasion. Until, of course, reality intervenes and the unexpected occurs, like a nip slip on the runway.

On Thursday night at the Edun show, a model walking the runway served as a sobering reminder that catastrophes can occur anywhere, at any time. Her crimson, low-cut dress slid to the left, revealing her chest. The dress’s neckline reached almost to her belly button.

We’re going to guess that last month’s couture runway presentation by Alexandre Vauthier was the setting for the peekaboo. We joked that she had a dress that had a “wardrobe malfunction,” so to speak. In all likelihood, however, it was only an unforeseen but humorous occurrence, at least if you weren’t too worried about the judgmental stares of your fellow fashion show attendees.

  • Bella Hadid Nip Slip

Bella Hadid, who has a reputation for taking her sister’s outfits and having a turbulent love life, had a dangerous day on the job during the Alexandre Vauthier show at Paris Couture Fashion Week, when she got a nip slip.

Nip Slip on Runway

The 21-year-old model finished the show in a black bustier bodysuit with a long draped teal wrap and trendy little black eyewear. But Bella’s bustier was the cause of her problems as she strutted down the runway, as the bodysuit seemed to drop and exposing her left breast.

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A real professional, Bella Hadid did not allow the fashion faux pas bother her and instead thanked the designer on Instagram for letting her end the show in the spectacular outfit she wore: “Thank you for letting me close another one of your beautiful shows @alexandrevauthier You know how much I love you!!!”

  • Gigi Hadid Nip Slip

In 2016, Gigi Hadid walked the runway at the Versace show in Milan, and her nip-slip was the talk of the town. In a very short amount of time, it became extremely popular on the web. Pretty as ever, Gigi was spotted out and about with a black dress and understated statement jewellery.

Nip Slip on Runway

In terms of her makeup, Gigi Hadid opted for a strong eye look with kohl and natural lips. She wore a band over her forehead that matched her hair colour and kept her hair open and parted in the middle. She slipped on the runway while walking up the ramp but handled the mishap with poise.

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  • Vivienne Westwood Helped a Model 

Vivienne Westwood, a legendary fashion designer, and her longtime creative partner Andreas Kronthale presented their fall collection on day five of Paris Fashion Week. An unfortunate wardrobe mishap exposed the model’s right breast as she was wearing Vivienne’s creation, a knitted gown.

But what transpired following the exposé is one of the most heartwarmingly gorgeous fashion moments in history. The 74-year-old designer with the silver hair leapt up and ran out onto the runway to embrace the stunned model. The British fashion designer hurried to cover up the model and fix the outfit she was wearing.

Nip Slip on Runway

For the models, nothing could be more relieving than having the dress’s designer rush to their aid so they could recover from the mishap and walk the runway with grace and composure.

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There are various other models who had to deal with nip slips on the runway. Undoubtedly, Nip-slips happen frequently, if not consistently. Perhaps that’s why the models kept strolling like a pro in spite of her shame

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