Let’s Explore! Where is Rand Gauthier Now in 2022?

Where is Rand Gauthier Now: Pam & Tommy on Hulu transports viewers to one of the naughtiest true crime tales of the 1990s: the theft and widespread distribution of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s private sex tape.

Pam & Tommy reveals the private horror Anderson and Lee experienced during this period as well as the absurd backstory that led to the tape’s initial rise to notoriety. Rand Gauthier, played by Seth Rogen, is the anchor for both of these plotlines.

Pam & Tommy follows the plot from Rand’s perspective in the first episode of the series. He’s a carpenter working hard to satisfy Tommy Lee’s (Sebastian Stan) various requests. Even worse, after months of work, Lee hasn’t paid Rand or his colleagues.

Rand is dismissed by Tommy when he challenges him. Later, when Rand goes back to the house to retrieve his tools, Tommy pulls a gun on him. To exact revenge on the drummer, Rand devises a crazed plan. Using his understanding of the estate’s security system, Rand will break in and steal Tommy’s safe. Rand only anticipated discovering jewelry and weapons inside the safe. The infamous sex tape was also discovered.

Who is Rand Gauthier?

Gauthier was an electrician who made a decision that affected the people around him for a long time. Because of the decisions he made, everyone found out about Pamela Anderson’s sex tape with Tommy Lee.

Lee thinks that one of the contractors who helped him fix up his London home, where the two of them were staying, took the safe with the famous tape out. Gauthier, who is 65 years old, was working at the house when the sex tape was taken, and he is the one who is being blamed.

Where is Rand Gauthier Now?

Authentic Rand Gauthier has lived for 65 years. Santa Rosa is his home, a city in Northern California that is well-known for its wineries and the Charles M. Schulz Museum and is located just north of Sonoma and Napa. The creator of Peanuts, who you may have heard of.

According to the final scene of Pam & Tommy, Gauthier grows marijuana at this location and tries to pass himself off as the man responsible for stealing the sex tape from Pam & Tommy, but no one believes him. One of the most mysterious figures in this story is Gauthier, who has no publicly available picture.

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In 2014, Gauthier was interviewed by Amanda Chicago Lewis of Rolling Stone for an article that would later serve as the basis for Hulu’s Pam & Tommy. When asked if he felt bad about stealing the tape, Gauthier said, “It was cute.” I think it’s great that they’re a couple and that they’re having so much fun together. I’m green with envy. If only I had something similar,

Rand Gauthier, the Pam & Tommy tape thief, went to jail?

He did not! He is not currently incarcerated for the theft of the tape, nor are there any records indicating that he was punished for his crime. In fact, a Google search for “Rand Gauthier jail” is more likely to reveal that Tommy Lee spent six months in jail in 1998 for domestic violence.

During an altercation between Lee and Anderson, Lee kicked Anderson while she was holding their younger son, Dylan. Lee served an additional five days in jail in 2000 for violating his probation by drinking alcohol.

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