How Old Was Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone?

Numerous low-budget movies entered the international market in the 1990s. If you were fortunate enough to own a VCR, you might have encountered a variety of well-known movie titles.

One noteworthy movie was the Christmas classic Home Alone, which starred Macaulay Culkin as Kevin Macalister and local burglars. What do you believe Kevin was doing when the movie was being filmed? Find out Macaulay Culkin’s age today and the age he was in Home Alone.

If you watched any of the Home Alone movies, you might have been impressed by how well the actors played their roles. Kevin, the main character in the movie, also has great acting skills and funny lines that make the audience laugh out loud. But how old was Kevin when the first Home Alone movie came out?

How Old Was Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone?

When he worked with Candy and director John Hughes again on the 1990 movie Home Alone, Culkin became famous. In the movie, the McCallister family goes to Paris for the holidays. However, Kevin McCallister gets left behind in Chicago.

Kevin is trying to get used to life without his parents when he finds out that two burglars, Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv, are planning to break into his house. Kevin sets up booby traps all over his house to keep the thieves away.

How Old Was Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone?

Kevin, who is played by Culkin, says in the movie that he is eight years old, but Culkin was ten at the time. Kieran also had a part in Home Alone. He played Fuller McCallister, Kevin’s cousin.

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How Old Was Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 3?

When the third movie in the Home Alone series was being made, the child star was 16 years old. Macaulay Culkin did not appear in the third movie, though. Culkin thought he was too old to play Kevin, so he decided to move on to other projects.

The third movie did not do as well as the first two. It made $79 million on a budget of $32 million. The movie didn’t have a Christmas scene as its predecessors did, and it starts with a reference to January 8. Also, there were different characters and actors in the movie, but the story stayed the same.

What is the Reason for Leaving Home Alone?

In an interview with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Macaulay cited burnout and tiredness as his reasons for departing the franchise. After Richie Rich, the celebrity desired a more regular life, so he enrolled in a private high school in Manhattan.

The star, however, found it difficult to land substantial assignments after his departure. Culkin portrays Michael Alig, a party promoter, drug addict, and murderer, in the 2003 drama Party Monster. The actor later had some success with the film Saved! (2004) and S*x and Breakfast (2007).

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Macaulay Culkin Was Cast After His Brother Was Unsuccessful in Getting the Job!

Macaulay Culkin might be a name you recognize from Home Alone. However, you probably were unaware that Kevin’s brother was initially cast in the part. Kieran, Macaulay’s older brother, is five years his senior.

When he was ten years old, he was slated to play the main character in Home Alone. Kieran, however, found it challenging to film some scenes. And Macaulay, who was eleven at the time, had to record some of his lines again.

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