Katy Perry Dating: How Long She Has Been in Relationship?

The prominent American singer is in trending for her relationship status, is none other than “Katy Perry”, and is dating the most handsome man in our Hollywood industry “Orlando bloom”, who is an American actor. Their love looks like a dream which is everybody’s couple’s goal, but it only happens if we have that good fortune.

Well, You are at the right place to know more about whom Katy perry is dating, when they first meet, or how many relationships she had in her past.

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Katy perry meets Orlando bloom in a dance-off, where a nude paddleboarding session happened, in year 2016.

Katy Perry Dating

In 2019, Katy perry revealed his relationship through social media platforms via Instagram. afterward, they also celebrated Valentine’s day together and both are looking so stunning.

Katy and bloom become very serious about their relationship, even whenever they planned to get married they postponed the dates due to some issues in their lives meant in 2019, they first planned to marry but didn’t, because of some family issues later in 2020, they again planned but didn’t. because of the covid pandemic.

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In 2020, Katy Perry and Orlando bloom disclosed their first girl child the name they gave to her daughter is Daisy Dove, which they also posted on Instagram you can see it below, kindly have a look at it.


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Katty usually said in Mikey Piff about her love for their daughter, and also stated,

                       ” I love Daisy so much even I give unconditional love which my parents gave me in my life.”

Once in an interview, Orlando bloom stated,

                          ” Katy has changed my life, and she is intellectual or has beauty with brain.”


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They both look so adorable together.

Now let’s see how many men she dated in her past life, Note for instance Travie, McCay, Johnny Lewis, and Diplo.

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Orlando bloom has a net worth of 40 Million dollars, while Katy Perry has 330 Million dollars.

Have a look at the social appearances of Katy Perry


Katy Perry has 180 Million followers on her Instagram account.


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Katy Perry has 108.8 Million followers on Twitter

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