Rush Hour 4: Will Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Return for Rush Hour 4?

Action-comedy fans are very curious about what will happen with the Rush Hour franchise. When the first movie came out in 1998, it became a fan favorite right away. Jackie Chan, who plays Inspector Lee, and Chris Tucker, who plays LAPD Officer Carter, are the stars of the franchise. The two of them fight bad guys while making funny jokes. Fans have been hoping for a fourth movie in the series because the first three were all big hits at the box office.

In Hollywood, sometimes franchises end for a number of different reasons. And since Rush Hour 3 came out in 2007, more than 10 years ago, fans are wondering if there will be a Rush Hour 4. Here’s all the information.

Rush Hour 4 Release Date

It will not be possible to determine the precise date of the release of the fourth film until production on it has begun; however, judging from how the other films were distributed, it is highly likely that it will be made available in theatres toward the end of summer.

The first Rush Hour movie came out on September 18, 1998, the second on August 3, 2001, and the third on August 10, 2007; all three were released in quick succession.

It is highly unlikely that production on the fourth movie will get underway any time soon, which would put the earliest possible release date somewhere around 2023. The earliest possible release is not expected until the summer of 2024 at the earliest.

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The Trailer For “Rush Hour 4”

At this time, you will not be able to view the preview. The screenplay for the upcoming film is still in the process of being written. On the other hand, you can view the Rush Hour 3 trailer down below:

Rush Hour 4 Cast

Rush Hour should proceed without Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the lead roles, but that would be wrong. The most adored imposter on television or film has already expressed interest in having a key role recast. The fourth film will be a believable dream for their fans because it is so heartwarming to see both of them together.

As a result, it is safe to assume that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will reprise their roles as the mismatched duo of Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter. There is no word on who else will be playing the lead role in the film besides these two. Other than these characters, none of the others are likely to return as the main character.

Tzi Ma might portray ambassador Solon Han. She has already received praise for her performances in the first and third films, and there may be a chance for him to be recast in the fourth.

The first and third movies also featured Soo-Yung Han, Solon Han’s daughter. She might reprise her role for the fourth installment as well. The likelihood of new characters being cast by the creators is high.

Rush Hour 4 Plot

Now that the future of the Rush Hour franchise is uncertain for Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, we know for sure that Brett Ratner will not return as the series director.

Though he denies the allegations, director Brett Ratner has been noticeably absent from the Hollywood scene ever since multiple players made disturbing allegations of serious sexual assault (via Digital Spy).

In the event that Rush Hour 4’s director’s chair opens up, it’s likely that Jeff Nathanson, who penned the previous two films in the franchise, would be asked to return to pen the script.

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Neither Nathanson nor any other Hollywood screenwriter is currently working on Rush Hour 4, as far as we can tell. As a result, details about the movie’s plot are scarce. Both Tucker and Chan have acknowledged reading a script at some point in the recent past, so it’s reasonable to assume there’s at least a basic storyline out there. It seems someone has deduced what happens in the film. Unfortunately, it’s not us.

Will Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker return for Rush Hour 4?

Fans of the Rush Hour film series may be concerned that the stars of the show will not return to their roles in the presumed in-the-works sequel due to the film’s uncertain production status and release date. For the time being, Tucker’s late 2019 interview with ABC News is the most recent information we have on the film “Jackie Chan and I have been discussing the possibility of collaborating on an innovative project. The sooner we can get something going, the better.”

That’s a pretty heavy statement since it suggests Tucker and Chan might reunite for another film outside of the Rush Hour franchise. The actor then further confused matters by saying, “We plan to take action soon. We are considering a wide range of options. We’ll have to wait and see which one materializes first.”

As a result, it appears that Chan and Tucker are eager to reunite for future projects, even if Rush Hour 4 is not the film that does so. If either Chan or Tucker declines to participate, Rush Hour 4 will almost certainly never be made.

For this reason, the prospect of recasting the franchise in the event of either actor’s death is laughable, despite the fact that it has technically already occurred, with different actors playing Carter and Lee in the 2016 CBS comedy inspired by the Rush Hour films.

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