What Happened to Shanquella Robinson’s ‘friends?

The Breaking news and devasting atmosphere once again initiated in Mexico. The social media star and businesswoman has died recently, You might be familiar with the star of social media via a versatile personality and also ruined a baby brand titled exquisite Babie, which is none other than Shanquella Robinson.

Shanquella Robinson’s death has been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Robinson’s death was mysterious while she was vacationing with her friends in Mexico. Let’s see the full details regarding Shanquella Robinson’s death and exactly what happened and why her mother urges for justice.

Shanquella Robinson’s ‘friends

The condition of Shanquella Robinson was very critical when she was introspected by the FBI team. where Robinson’s neck was all broken and suffered from several spinal cord injuries, which left us in the chaos that is rigorously what happened with Robinson.

Robinson was only twenty-five years old when she died, and she was murdered in less than twenty-four hours, which is so heartbreaking, the death was indeed tragic according to the reports, we got to know she was with her six friend’s trip, and arrived in Cabo late last month.

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As per the reports, Robinson was with his friend’s group, nobody ever expected this happened and in the viral video one of her friends was beating Robinson in so a malicious manner, Do you want to know the details of why her friend was beating him her are not revealed yet and on the other hand, Robinson was not even defending herself. Have a look at the viral video of Robinson below, a note for instance.

The death of Robinson become viral and trending on social media platforms, The entire world is articulating her death even though the children are as well.

In the viral video, Robinson was beaten by other women in a hotel room in Mexico, one of Robinson’s friends was capturing the video while the other is beating her, and the main, shocking thing is Robinson is not defending herself, while in the video the main voice of heard,” Quella, to at least fight back”.and she also got punished on the head, with multiple times and then throw on the floor, This is such a shameless incident that how friends murdered? The girl trusts her friends and they murdered her, not even thinking that what will suffer in her parent’s hearts and family too. the news was so gloomy and devasting also.


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Robison’s family and her loved ones are still in a depressing mode and are not even abiding by the situation. The family records that two weeks later after the death of Robinson, Her mother asked for justice for his daughter Robinson who is his right, which was held in November 2022.

One of Robinson’s friends arrived at the flight around 2:16 pm and continuously calls to the group to know exactly what has happened but got to know someone,” Robinson is not well due to alcohol consumption”, none are saying accurate about that case that situation, everybody told the different story on that spot.

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Well, if we got any new updates regarding this case of Shanquella Robinson’s death. We let you know so Stay tuned with us.

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