Hollywood Hillbillies Reality Star ”MEMA” Also Known as Dolores Hughes, Passes Away at Age 76!

Mema, played by Dolores Hughes, who appeared in the 2014 reality series Hollywood Hillbillies, passed away at the age of 76. On November 9, Hughes passed away from heart failure at a hospital in her Georgia hometown of Grayson, according to her manager David Weintraub.

The Reelz reality series followed Mema and YouTube star Michael Kittrell as they transitioned from a rural Georgia community to Hollywood. Along with them were Kittrell’s uncle John Cox, her boyfriend Paul Conlon, and her aunt Dee Dee Peters.

Kittrell was the star, but Mema quickly emerged as the clan’s breakout star. Mema was the greatest, most outspoken “tell-it-like-it-is personalities the world had ever seen on TV,” Weintraub told TMZ, explaining why people liked her. She will still be in charge of us from heaven, I am certain of that.

Her spouse Paul Conlon, daughter Dee Dee Peters, son John Cox, and grandson Michael Coppercab Kittrell are all still alive. No memorial services have been scheduled.

Dolores Hughes Was a Well-known Reality Television Figure

Hollywood Hillbillies, a reality television series on the Reelz channel, starred Dolores Hughes. The program was a parody of the iconic sitcom “Beverly Hillbillies” in real life. Dolores, also known as “Mema,” relocated to Hollywood with YouTube sensation Michael Kittrell from a rural part of Georgia.

Dolores Hughes was a star of the reality series Hollywood Hillbillies, for those of you who are unaware. Her breakthrough role on the reality series Hollywood Hillbillies, Mema, attracted a lot of fan attention.

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Michael Kittrell starred in the reality series Hollywood Hillbillies in 2014. Michael “CoppercabKittrell, a YouTube star, and his family’s transition from a small town in Georgia to Hollywood, California, served as the show’s central characters.

What is the cause of Dolores Hughes’s Death?

David Weintraub, Hughes’s manager, told TMZ that Dolores had died. David said that Hughes died of heart failure on November 9, 2022, at a hospital in her hometown of Grayson, Georgia.

Michael Weintraub talked about Dolores in an interview with TMZ. He said, “Mema was the best, most honest, tell-it-like-it-is TV personality the world had ever seen. I’m sure she’ll still be telling us what to do from heaven.”

Yahoo says that Dolores’s family also confirmed that she had died through a post on social media. They said something on Facebook, which is a social media site. Her family wrote, “We are heartbroken to tell you that Dolores “Mema” Hughes, who had an amazing, beautiful, and kind soul, has died.”

The last thing her family said about her was, “But she was a pure comedic genius without even trying!” All the stories and laughs she gave to anyone who was willing to listen will keep her memory alive. Mema, we love you! RIP Queen!”

What Was the Net Worth of Dolores Hughes at the Time of His Death?

Dolores Hughes’ net worth is expected to be at $1 million in 2022, the majority of which she acquired through her business and acting careers. It is unfortunate that she does not have a Wikipedia article because we are currently unable to gather enough information about the adored Hughes.

Instead, many people have gone to her official Instagram profile @hillbillymema. Although she only has about two thousand followers, we know she has many more fans. Fans have left a number of comments expressing their concern for their ‘Mema,’ with one asking, “Don’t you ever respond to your DM’s? I’m concerned about you. “Are you all right?” Her last post on Instagram is given below:

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