Episode 10 of “Andor”: Review and Ending — Did Cassian Free Narkina Five Prisoners?

Tony Gilroy and his team of artists have made 10 episodes of “Andor,” and every single one of them is as good as or better than the one before it. The Aldhani heist at the end of “Andor” Episode 6 did make it seem like the show was at its best.

I was worried about what they were going to do for the next six episodes because “Star Wars” has disappointed me too many times. And all of a sudden, Cassian’s story turned into one about a prison break. He had to use his persuasive skills to get a whole floor of prisoners to rebel.

Dedra Meero was in charge of Ferris on Coruscant and set a trap for Anton Kreegyr to stop him from attacking Spellhaus. Mon Mothma was thinking about asking Davo Sculdun for money, while Lutheran Rael was looking for more rebels to join his fight against the Empire.

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Andor episode 10 ending explained

Ulaf has a stroke and is taken away in the opening scene of this week’s episode of Andor, which takes place in Narkina 5. During this time, Cassian is trying to convince Kino Loy to go after discovering that they won’t be released even after their sentence has been served.

Cassian explains what happened on the second floor and why they were slain once they returned to their cells. Kino supports him by corroborating the stories and advising the group to devise an escape plan immediately.

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Dedra Meero, working for the Imperial Security Bureau, informs Major Partagas that their plan to ensure the death of Anton Kreegyr’s pilot by accident is progressing as planned. The ISB will keep an eye on the rebel leader’s activities, they’ve decided.

Kino gets everyone up early the next day and announces that they are leaving the island by whatever means necessary. In spite of the presence of guards, they continue their day as usual.

Senator Mon Mothma and Tay Kolma in Coruscant meet with Davo Sculdun to discuss how to obtain finances covertly from the Empire. Davo declines to accept any payment in exchange for assisting in getting his son married to Mon’s daughter. Mon responds by asking Tay to lead Davo outside.

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Luthen converses with Klay in his business in the meantime. She alerts his superior to a potential meeting request from an unidentified person. Even if it’s a trap, Luthen assures her that he will still run across this guy.

Cassian and Kino carry out their escape plot as their shift continues, much to the alarm and worry of their other inmates. Andor smashes a pipe in the bathroom when Ulaf’s replacement shows up, flooding the flooring system that prohibits people from advancing on the guards.

Following the disabling of the mechanism, Kino rallies the other convicts in a revolt against the few guards standing in their way. They work together to free their fellow prisoners who are being held on higher floors. After arriving at the control room, Kino and Cassian disable all the security measures the institution has in place to keep them confined.

Cassian seizes control and orders Kino to speak with the inmates. He does so and instructs everyone to leave the building. Everyone is inspired to leave Narkina 5 as he tells what occurred on level two and that they would never be liberated. When Kino is finished, every prisoner will have left. Everyone jumps to their freedom when they see the open water in front of them, including Cassian.

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