Ben Simmons, Knicks Killer? The Nets’ Insane Run Continues as They Win!

The New York Knicks could use a wake-up call, and a trade for Ben Simmons could be just what they need. This season hasn’t gone as planned for the Knicks.

The NBA trade deadline is coming up in less than a month, and Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons, who is unhappy with his team, will be the most valuable player on the market.

The three-time All-Star is a very talented player who could make a huge difference for any team he joins. The 2021-22 Knicks need a big change because they are tied for 10th place in the Eastern Conference.

So, here are three reasons why the Knickerbockers might want to sign the 25-year-old Australian.

There’s a Need for the Knicks to Make Some Adjustments.

The Knicks were a major story in the NBA last year. They went from being picked to win just 26 games to finish 10 games above.500 and in the fourth playoff seed. They had completed their reconstruction and were rapidly rising ahead of schedule. By re-signing many of their key free agents and adding veterans like Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier, they were able to address their issues with ball handling and scoring.

But at the halfway point of the season, they are a.500 team and on the fringes of a playoff spot. And that will seem even worse in 2022 when the best 10 teams in a conference of 15 will have already qualified for the playoffs. There has been more harm than good from the huge changes. Particularly defensively.

According to Ben Simmons’ contract:-

he will earn $33 million in 2021–2022, $35.45 million in 2022–2023, $37.9 million in 2023–2024, and $40.34 million in 2024–2025.

With stars like RJ Barrett and Julius Randle already on the roster, there’s no reason to shake things up. It’s possible that both would benefit more from teaming up with a perennial All-Star like Simmons than continuing on their current paths alone.

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Regression by Julius Randle Has Sparked Ben Simmons Suspicions.

It made sense for the Knicks to re-sign Randle to a four-year, $117 million contract in the offseason. especially since it was on sale. He is a gifted and adaptable big guy who is 27 years old, and he played like the MVP for a team that needed a star to rely on. Sadly, the Texas native enjoyed a career year at a period that was most advantageous for him and has since regressed.

In 2021–2022, Randle’s scoring, assists, free throw percentage, and 3-point accuracy are all down. The drop in his three-point shooting is particularly upsetting because his improvement there elevated him to a top-15 player and made him financially valuable. He is once again on the verge of being an All-Star, and New York needs more.

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That would be Simmons. Perhaps not offensively, but he is the kind of player who can improve others and provide a much-needed improvement in perimeter defense. A young stud backcourt of Simmons and Barrett might be a lethal combination in NYC for years to come, especially with Barrett just taking another stride forward as a scoring leader. Randle could be packaged in a deal to acquire Simmons and Barrett.

Ben Simmons Would Provide the Knicks With a Point Guard to Help Them Win in the NBA.

Stephon Marbury, who played for the Knicks in the early 2000s, was the franchise’s last reliable point guard. Although that was a disaster at the time, the game has evolved significantly since then, and a player like Marbury would most likely be terrific in today’s NBA. Derrick Rose’s extended absence from ankle surgery has made the Knicks’ point guard situation a nightmare.

Walker, who is becoming older and prone to injuries, was not the right fit for the club, while Alec Burks and Immanuel Quickly are merely capable wing players, not point guards. Except for his lack of long-range shooting, Simmons is a top-tier point guard in the league. The two-time all-NBA defensive selection would be a great fit for Thibodeau’s defensive approach.

Without a doubt, Simmons will not be cheap, but he may be the ideal component to fill some critical needs at point guard, on offense, and, most importantly, on defense. He is a promising new-age player who will complement the team’s existing young core.

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