The ‘She-hulk’ Finale Post-credits Scene Explained! Let’s Explore

The 30-minute season finale of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has smashed its way onto Disney Plus, and there is a lot to discuss.

The most recent MCU Disney Plus show appeared to adhere to the standard Marvel project formula by concluding with an extravagant battle featuring plenty of CGI. However, we should have anticipated anything but such a subversive, fourth-wall-breaking show. The fact that She-Hulk episode 9 — titled Whose Show is This? — defies many MCU conventions in favour of one of the best MCU TV shows in recent memory is delightful.

We’ll go over the most important talking points from She-final Hulk’s episode below. This includes the identity of the new Hulk character, a timeline for our next encounter with Jennifer Walters, and the first post-credits scene since episode 4.

She-hulk Ending Explained: Kevin Feige’s Cameo Revealed

Apparently, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige would make a surprise appearance in the final episode of She-Hulk. Even though this was the case, the character of his brief appearance is what makes the show so interesting and entertaining.

Jennifer Walters, frustrated with the direction of the series finale, escapes through the Disney Plus homepage and into the “real world,” breaking the fourth wall in the process.

She-Hulk finally meets Kevin Feige, the head honcho of Marvel, but it’s not the Kevin Feige we know. She’s had a few brief encounters with the writers’ room and the security guarding Kevin Feige’s office.

The fictional Kevin Feige of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is revealed to be a sentient robot who oversees all Marvel Studios productions, an idea that draws heavily from the Architect of The Matrix, GLaDOS of the Portal videogame series, and HAL of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity (K.E.V.I.N.) The plots for all Marvel movies and TV shows are rumoured to have been conceived by the highly developed, algorithm-driven artificial intelligence known as Nexus.

Extremely meta, but enjoyable all the same. K.E.V.I.N. has a visor similar to that found on baseball caps over its three eyes, a humorous reference to Feige’s habit of always donning one of these caps.

The post-season finale, head writer Jessica Gao told in new tab): “It’s funny because I’ve seen a lot of online chatter of people speculating that [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige is going to make a cameo in the show. But I seriously doubt that this is how they envisioned the cameo appearing!

She-hulk Episode 9 Post-credits Scene Explained

Finally, after weeks of waiting, the fifth and final post-credits scene of this MCU Phase 4 film has arrived.

As the scene opens, Emil Blonsky is once again incarcerated for violating the terms of his parole by reverting back to Abomination. Blonsky defended his Hulk persona by saying he only did it to make money at seminars and public appearances. However, because he has broken the terms of his parole, he will spend the next decade behind bars.

Well, at least that’s what we think. Wong, the fan-favourite supporting character, appears through a portal and frees Blonsky from prison, just like he did in the Shang-Chi series. Blonsky, relieved, comments that Wong “took his time” and wonders if the delay was due to Wong’s appearance in yet another MCU film. As with many other references in this show, it’s a delightful example of self-awareness.

Eventually, Blonsky follows Wong to Kamar-Taj through the portal, but not before calling Doctor Strange to find out if the university has Wi-Fi. Please don’t ever change, Blonsky.

She-hulk Ending Explained: Will There Be a Season 2?

Jennifer Walters makes a passing reference to the second season of her show as well as other possible Marvel Cinematic Universe projects, such as the long overdue arrival of the X-Men, during her interactions with K.E.V.I.N.

Despite this, Marvel has not disclosed whether or not it is working on the second season of She-Hulk. Some people with knowledge of the MCU claim to have overheard rumours that a second season might be given the go-ahead. When asked if there would be a second season of She-Hulk, director Kat Coiro said that she would “let Kevin Feige answer that” when the question was posed to her by The Wrap (link opens in new tab).

If there is going to be a second season, it won’t likely premiere until Marvel Phase 6 at the earliest. There are currently seven Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney Plus series that is scheduled to debut in Marvel Phase 5. As a result, it is highly unlikely that the second season of She-Hulk will be released on Disney’s streaming service before the year 2025. The same is true for Ms Marvel and Moon Knight, who may also receive second outings on Disney Plus.

She-hulk Ending Explained: When Will We See Jennifer Walters Again?

We can’t say where a character will appear next until Marvel confirms it. We can still speculate about She-next Hulk’s appearance. Some Phase 5 and Phase 6 productions seem more likely.

New World Order is the first. Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader will be Sam Wilson’s first MCU villain as the new Cap. We expected The Leader to be the leader of Intelligencia, the show’s villains. Not true. Given The Leader’s ties to Hulk (he’s a Hulk villain in the comics), Hulk, She-Hulk, and Skaar could all appear in Captain America 4.

What about Daredevil: Born Again if She-Hulk isn’t in Cap 4? Matt Murdock will get his own MCU TV series in 2024, with filming beginning in 2023. Since Murdock and Walters got along well in She-Hulk, we’d be surprised if she didn’t come to Daredevil’s show.

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