Pa. Parents Drown After Being Caught in Rip Current While Vacationing With 6 Children in Florida

Washington, Florida (WPEC) — Authorities have reported that two parents who were on vacation from Pennsylvania drowned on Thursday afternoon in Florida after becoming entangled in what may have been a rip current.

It was announced by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office that Brian Warter and Erica Wishard had passed away after being rescued from the water at Stuart Beach, which is located behind the Hutchinson Island Resort by Marriott on Northeast Tradewind Lane.

Warter and Wisherd, who each had three children, were a part of a family of eight that was vacationing in Florida, according to the sheriff’s office. The family was in Florida on a vacation.

“All of them are teenagers. Not even in their 20s yet, they are still young. John Budensiek, the Chief Deputy, stated that they have been through two different very dramatic events. You can find them on the shore, where they saw them drown. They observed the efforts being made to revive the victim on the shore. They are really traumatized because they were at the hospital observing some resuscitation operations, which is why they are distressed.”

At approximately 1:30 p.m., a call to 911 was received, which resulted in the dispatch of lifeguards. In accordance with the information provided by MCFR District Chief Joe Lobosco, the closest stand place was approximately 400-500 feet away.

“They make an effort to make use of the four-wheelers in order to arrive at that spot as quickly as they possibly can. “It is abundantly clear that the rescue boards are of great assistance in terms of accelerating the process of reaching the location of the potential victim,” Lobosco stated.”

It was earlier reported by Martin County Fire Rescue that both Water and Wisherd were unconscious when they were brought out of the water by rescue workers. CPR was done on the individual by lifeguards before they were transported to Martin North Hospital.

It was at least one of their children that dialed 911 on behalf of the youngsters. Our dispatcher is able to hear the youngsters screaming, and they are attempting to guide them through swimming parallel, relaxing, and allowing the rip current to take you rather than fighting it. However, it was sad that they did not possess sufficient swimming strength,” Budensiek continued.

It was claimed by the fire department that there were four people swimming at the time, and two of them were able to make it to safety.

The authorities of the county reported that a single red flag was flown on Thursday afternoon, indicating that there was a warning of rough surf.

Following the dispatch of lifeguards from Jensen Beach and Stuart, the MCFR procedure states that double red flags should be flown, and the water should be closed to the general public.

Pa. Parents Drown After Being Caught in Rip Current While Vacationing With 6 Children in Florida


(WPEC) Washington, Florida According to authorities, two Pennsylvania parents on vacation drowned in a rip current in Florida on Thursday afternoon.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office reported that Brian Warter and Erica Wishard died after being rescued from Stuart Beach behind the Hutchinson Island Resort by Marriott on Northeast Tradewind Lane.

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