When Was Madden 23 Released & the New Features of Madden NFL 23?

Madden 23, also called Madden NFL 23, is a sports video game based on the National Football League. It came out before Madden 22. The game Madden 23 came out on August 19, 2022. Madden 23 can be played on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

EA Tiburon is the company that makes the NFL Madden games (i.e. an Electronic Arts video game development studio). It adds new features to Madden 23 and adds a new game system called FieldSENSE, which is a more advanced way to play.

Madden 23 Release Date 

Madden 23 was released on August 19, 2022. Fans had been waiting for it for a long time.

EA likes to release its game during the first weekend of the real NFL season. Even though it was late last year because of the pandemic, Madden 23 came out on time this year. It came out on August 19, Friday, which was about halfway through this year’s warm-up games. This year, only Sony and Microsoft consoles got Madden.

Madden 23 Offical Trailer

Who is the Madden 23 Cover Star?

We have a Madden 23 cover vote guide that is all about this topic. The Madden cover is the most popular and most talked about in sports. For years, it was said that the man chosen to be on the cover of each year’s game was haunted by the Madden curse.

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, who held the job before, were sure to be in the running, but in the end, Coach Madden himself gets the job. This series is named after a former Raiders coach and commentator who died in December at the age of 85. Putting him on the box is a great way to honor King John.

What Are the Top Madden 22 Ratings?

Now that all ratings are official, there are four players in the Madden 23 99 Club, which means they have the highest possible overall score. They are Aaron Donald (RE for the LA Rams), Davante Adams (WR for the Las Vegas Raiders), Myles Garrett (RE for the Cleveland Browns), and Trent Williams (LT, San Francisco 49ers). In GR’s Madden 23 99 Club guide, you can read about this good foursome.

After winning the Super Bowl, it was inevitable that the Rams would have a ridiculously strong team. In addition to Donald’s 99 ratings, they have Cooper Kupp (WR), Jalen Ramsey (DL), Bobby Wagner (MLB), and Matthew Stafford (RB) all with 98 ratings (QB).

Need some more number fun? Then there are three more important scouting reports. In our guide to the best teams in Madden 23, you can see which teams have the highest ratings. Or, if you want to know more about how good each player is, you can check out our Madden 23 X-Factors list and Madden 23 rating guide.

What Are the New Features of Madden Nfl 23?

FieldSENSE gives players more control at every position when gang tackling, rushing the quarterback, covering wideouts, and more. It’s an all-game feature. QBs have skill-based passing like MLB: The Show pitchers.

Franchise Mode

In Franchise Mode, scouting and free agency were updated. Scouting and signing free agents are more detailed than surface-level ratings. Trying to lure free agents to a California team may require more money due to roster depth, the starting quarterback, and state income tax.

Ultimate Team

Field Pass improves Ultimate Team’s progression system. Season, Competitive, and Ultimate Team passes can earn you goodies as you play. Here’s the full Ultimate Team list.

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