Wait… Are Minka Kelly & Trevor Noah Dating Now in 2022?

South African comedian, author, actor, and television host Trevor Noah hails from Soweto. He is well-known for being the host of Comedy Central’s American satirical news show The Daily Show.

Trevor Noah Early Life & Career

On February 20, 1984, Trevor Noah was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Trevor Noah Dating

Under the South African apartheid regime of the day, which had made interracial marriage illegal by the time Trevor was born, the Noah family’s life was made difficult by the fact that his father Robert was of Swiss descent and his mother Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah had been sentenced to jail time and fines throughout Trevor’s childhood (he wrote about his experiences growing up under apartheid in South Africa in his 2016 book “Born a Crime”).

When Trevor Noah was just a teenager, he started his career in the show business. He appeared in a walk-on role at the age of 18 in a 2002 episode of the well-known “Isidingo” soap opera in South Africa. Around the same time, he started his own youth-oriented radio program called “Noah’s Ark.”

Later, from 2004 to 2006, he hosted the educational TV program “Run The Adventure.” After that, Noah co-hosted the dating game show “The Amazing Date” in 2008 after hosting the gossip show “The Real Goboza” in 2007.

Trevor Noah’s Net Worth

According to wealthygorilla, Noah has a net worth of about $100 million. This sum takes into account Trevor’s $16 million season salary at The Daily Show, the seven figures he was paid for his memoir, Born a Crime, and the money he has made from comedy tours. Another source of income for Noah is the well-liked podcast On Second Thought, so his wealth is likely to continue to grow.

Trevor Noah’s Dating History

When they were spotted kissing in New York City in September 2022, Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa stirred up dating rumors. The two were reportedly seen having dinner together at a Jamaican restaurant in the East Village, where they were said to have sat closely together and appeared to be very “into each other.”

They were then seen holding hands and kissing as they strolled through the streets of the city. It was the first time a romantic relationship between the Daily Show host, 38, and pop star, 27, had been established.

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Although he once said he does not need to be in a relationship to be surrounded by love, Trevor has experienced a number of relationships during his rise to international fame. “I understand that if I love myself, my friends will love me, and my family will love me. I’m always in a state of love,” he stated to Citizen. co in 2016. That’s what I discovered: happiness is a choice; it requires effort.

Dani Gabriel

Both Trevor and Dani Gabriel are from South Africa, where Trevor lived at the time and was honing his craft. According to the Daily Mail, they started dating in 2014, and she was a big supporter of his comedic endeavors.

Trevor Noah Dating

She frequently accompanied him on his tours and offered her support after it was revealed in March 2015 that he would take over as host of The Daily Show. She tweeted, “I knew you had it in you and they saw it too.” “Now it can be shared with everyone. Could not be more pleased.

Jordyn Taylor

In November 2015, only a few months after Trevor and Dani’s breakup, a relationship between 31-year-old Trevor and 24-year-old Jordyn Taylor became known. The model was previously engaged to a man who tragically perished in a car accident in 2011, though little is known about their relationship.

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A few days after his passing, Jordyn posted a message on Twitter referring to him as her “one and ONLY love” and urging followers to “always cherish the special people in your life.”

Minka Kelly

At some point in 2020, Minka Kelly, 42, who co-starred with Leighton Meester in the 2011 film The Roommate, started dating Trevor. Things between the two were reported as “very serious” and “very happy” by September of that year.

Sadly, they split up by May. Trevor has been having a few weeks of flings in New York. Although he has been evasive about the details of his breakup with Minka, a source EXCLUSIVELY confirmed to HollywoodLife that he is now single.

But a few weeks later, they decided to give their relationship another shot. Both in September 2021 while strolling through New York City and in January 2022 when they traveled to South Africa together, they exuded the same level of happiness.

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Before they permanently ended their relationship, they were together for another 10 months. The couple had been apart “for a while,” a source told PEOPLE in May, and Minka was handling it well. Another insider stated, “She is very happy.” She would rather avoid wasting her time with the wrong man by remaining single.


Trevor Noah was born on February 20, 1984, in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is the host of Comedy Central’s satirical news show The Daily Show. Noah has a net worth of about $100 million according to wealthygorilla.com. His income comes from comedy and podcast On Second Thought. He was previously engaged to Jordyn Taylor, who died in a car accident in 2011.

The Daily Show host once said he does not need to be in a relationship to find happiness. “I’m always in a state of love,” he said. The couple was together for 10 months before they ended their relationship. Jordyn described him as her “one and ONLY love”. A source told PEOPLE that Minka is happy and doesn’t want to waste her time.

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