What Is The Net Worth of American Businessman Philip Anschutz’s in 2022?

Net Worth: $11 Billion
Age: 82
Born: December 28, 1939
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Businessman
Last Updated: August 25, 2022

His Net Worth

American business mogul Philip Anschutz is worth a cool billion.

Anschutz owns or controls businesses in the energy sector, the railroad industry, real estate, sports, newspapers, film production, exhibition, and concert venues. He acquired the Journal Newspapers’ parent firm in 2004.

Philip Anschutz Net Worth

Estimates put Philip Anschutz’s wealth at over $11 billion in August 2022.

His Early Life

Philip Frederick Anschutz was born in Kansas on December 28th, 1939. His full name is Philip Frederick Anschutz.

Marian and Frederick Benjamin Anschutz are Anschutz’s parents. Anschutz is their son. His father was a wealthy land speculator as well as an oil magnate. His great-grandfather was of German ethnicity and founded the Farmers State Bank in Russell. He was born in Russia and moved to the United States.

He grew up in Russell, Kansas. It was in 1957 when he received his diploma from Wichita High School East. It was in 1961 when he graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. During his time there, he was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Anschutz purchased one of the largest agricultural enterprises in the United States, Baughman Farms, located near Liberal, Kansas, in the year 1970. The following year, he purchased 9 million acres of land along the Utah and Wyoming border. Because of this, he was able to amass his first fortune in the oil sector.

Through the purchase of Rio Grande Industries in 1984, he made his debut in the railroad industry. A few years later, under his leadership, the Rio Grande railroad completed the acquisition of the Southern Pacific Railroad.

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In 1996, when Union Pacific Corporation and Southern Pacific merged into one company, he was promoted to the position of vice chairman of Union Pacific. Between the years 1988 and 1996, he served as a director of Southern Pacific prior to the merger.

Within Qwest in 1993, he served as both a director and the chairman of the Board. In 1995, he also served on the board of directors for Forest Oil Corporation. In addition to that, he has served on the board of directors for Pacific Energy Partners.

He was the only billionaire in Colorado throughout a good portion of the state’s history. He rose through the ranks to become one of the top 100 landowners in the United States. After that, he entered the railroads and telecommunications industries before beginning his career in the entertainment business. In 1999, the business publication Fortune drew comparisons between him and the tycoon J.P. Morgan.

To What Ends Does Philip Anschutz Commit His Wealth?

Philip Anschutz invests a portion of his wealth in the real estate he owns in the state of Colorado in addition to making other purchases.

Anschutz owns a beautiful house in Denver, Colorado.

Anschutz has a piece of the Staples Center, the O2 Arena, and the Home Depot Center, as well as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Kings.

Philip Anschutz’s Highlights

Philip Anschutz Net Worth

The following are some of the most memorable moments from Philip Anschutz’s professional life:

Here are some of the best highlights of Philip Anschutz’s career:

  • Circle A Drilling (1961)
  • Journal Newspapers (2004)

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Philip Anschutz’s Some Quotes

“Properties like the Broadmoor diminish greatly in number over time. They flourish best if owned by a family with the values of stewardship, as opposed to seeing them as just another asset.” – Philip Anschutz

“Some of the early speculations I saw in the press was that I am a rail fan. I’m not. This is not a hobby. This is a full-time business and a very serious one at that. We’re making this railroad work.” – Philip Anschutz

“I must have had an early leaning toward business. Not that I had an understanding of this when I was 10 years old, but when you see what can be done, the possibilities, you want to be involved in something. You want to own it.” – Philip Anschutz

“We are fortunate to employ a wealth of diverse individuals throughout our family of companies, all of whom are important to us – the only criteria on which they are judged is the quality of their job performance; we do not tolerate discrimination in any form.” – Philip Anschutz

“There is nothing magic. We own 100-percent interest in venues around the world and partial interest in ventures around the world. We own 100-percent sports teams, and we own partial sports teams. There’s no magic here.” – Philip Anschutz

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