How Ridiculous Net Worth: What Is the Net Worth of How Ridiculous Members?

The city of Perth in Western Australia is home to the headquarters of the Australian YouTube channel How Ridiculous. The three individuals with the highest notoriety on the channel are named Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson.

They have more than 4 billion video views as of the month of June 2022, in addition to 11,300,000 subscribers. The majority of people are familiar with them due to the trick shots and experiments that they have performed in which they drop things from a considerable height, typically 45 meters, onto other things (165 feet).

How Ridiculous Career

The members of the highly compensated YouTube group first got together in 2009 and started filming videos after attending the same church. Initially, the members filmed trick-shot videos for fun in their respective backyards with the assistance of a fourth member named Kyle Nebel.

At this time, the gang brags by throwing objects from great heights or dropping things from above. Since 2015, the Gravity Discovery Center at the Leaning Tower of Pingin has been the setting for a great deal of video production.

The most prominent people on YouTube and those who do stunts try to make trick shots, and they recently published a series of videos in which they test how different solid things behave when they are hurled against barriers. People have an interest in a variety of items, including pieces of glass, sheets of plasterboard, and weather balloons.

How Ridiculous Net Worth

Late in 2021, it is anticipated that How Ridiculous will upload a series of short films to its YouTube and Instagram channels. Each of them lasted for fewer than sixty seconds and contained clips from their longer films. These movies quickly became popular on both sites, attracting the attention of hundreds of millions of users in a short period of time.

The most popular full-length video on How Ridiculous’s YouTube channel at the time it was released in November 2021 was of a competition between three stars that took place at the RAC Arena in Perth.

It demonstrates Stanford, Gaunson, and Herron utilizing a variety of tools in order to pop many weather balloons in rapid succession while a Phantom Camera films the action. One of the most impressive things was a pile of screws that were hurled all at once, and another was an arrow that was shot from a recurve bow.

The combination of these two factors deflated 11 balloons. According to recent findings from January 2022, the video of the balloon has surpassed the long-standing leader, which was a film that had been released in October 2018. A bowling ball was dropped onto a trampoline at the Luzzone Dam in Switzerland from a height of 165 meters (541 feet), as shown in this video uploaded by popular YouTuber Brett Stanford.

The band has shot exceptional video settings in a variety of countries and cities across the world, including Switzerland and the RAC Arena, as well as the Australian Outback, Optus Stadium, Texas, Los Angeles, Turkey, Lesotho, Perth Motorplex, Dubai, and Serbia.

The wealthy and famous YouTube group How Ridiculous reportedly launched a new channel on October 9, 2020 called HR Gaming. On this channel, Editor Jack Wallace and his brother Toby Wallace compete in video games such as Among Us, Minecraft, Rocket League, and Fortnite. The most recent updates date from October 9, 2020.

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We’ll describe the three of them in great detail below.

Brett Stanford Biography

Brett Stanford, who was born in Australia on April 22, 1988, is the person who has made the most money from the channel How Ridiculous on YouTube. He is currently one of the YouTubers with the most subscribers. It was primarily due to the fact that he demonstrated tricks on YouTube that he gained notoriety online. Brett Stanford has a net worth of approximately one million dollars.

Derek Herron Biography

Derek Herron was born on March 3, 1988, in the country of Australia. He is a contributor to the How Ridiculous collective and has amassed a significant fortune through YouTube. Derek Herron has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million dollars.

Scott Gauson Biography

The How Ridiculous YouTube channel has one of its members, Scott Gaunson, who is the channel’s youngest contributor. His birthday is January 3, 1992, and he was born in Australia. More recently, he has been putting in a lot of effort to advance the group’s career on YouTube.

The Guinness World Records

What a joke! According to recent edits to Wikipedia, the three individuals broke the record for “Longest golf putt (non-tournament)” in 2017 by putting the ball 120.6 metres in the hole (396 ft). When Brett Stanford completed the putt in question, he did it at the Point Walter golf course in Western Australia, and in doing so, he set a new course record.

What’s new as of the 19th of January, 2018? The current record for “Greatest height from which a basketball is shot” was set by How Ridiculous with a video that showed a basketball being shot from 201.42 metres (660.8 feet) above the ground. It took place in the country of Lesotho, on the continent of Africa, at the Maletsunyane Falls.

Since they first broke this record in 2011 with a ball shot from 66.89 metres (219.5 feet) high, it has held this record five times. How ridiculous is that? Additionally, Brett Stanford attempted to beat the record for “Highest ping-pong ball shot into a red plastic cup,” which is listed in the Guinness World Records book.

How Ridiculous Net Worth

This is demonstrated in a video that was uploaded on August 27, 2021. The shot was taken from the catwalk of the RAC Arena in Perth, but it did not count toward the record since the cup that was used had a diameter of 90 millimetres (3.5 in) rather than the qualifying diameter of 85 millimetres (3.3 in).

How absolutely ridiculous! The wealthy and well-known YouTube group stated that the mistake was not intentional and that they intend to try again with a cup of the appropriate size at a later time. They stated that they aim to attempt again in the future.

How Ridiculous has achieved a great deal of success on YouTube thanks to the insane experiments, challenges, and impossible feats that it features. Because of this, they have seen a growth in their net worth.

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How Ridiculous Net Worth

There is an Australian YouTube channel called How Ridiculous, and it is situated in Perth. It has become increasingly popular in recent months thanks to the wide range of videos it features. How Ridiculous’s net worth is projected to reach $7 million by 2022.

The channel’s primary stars, Brett Isaac Stanford, Derek Douglas Herron, and Scott Steven Gaunson, are recognised as the highest-earning YouTubers.

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