To What End Did Devon Franklin Amass His $12 Million Fortune?

Christian upbringing shaped DeVon Franklin’s worldview. After attending USC, he graduated with a BA in business administration and a minor in film and television.

Soon after finishing college, DeVon entered the entertainment industry, where he combined his commercial acumen with his passion for filmmaking. As an intern on Metro Goldwin Mayer productions under the tutelage of Will Smith and James Lassiter, he launched his career.

Since he put in so much effort, he was promoted to executive status in the production company and saw a huge increase in his wealth.

Due of his skills, Columbia Pictures reached out to DeVon. He took the job after being offered it and has been with Columbia Pictures ever since. These days, he’s the production department’s vice president.

There are many of DeVon Franklin’s acting roles that have contributed to his fortune, including One Christmas (2013), “The Meredith Vieira Show” (2014), and “Holy Ghost” (2014).

As a writer, DeVon has had pieces published in magazines including Essence and IAE. Produced by Faith: How to Achieve Lasting Success Without Giving Up Who You Really Are, his 2011 book, contributed to his growing fortune. Since 2016 saw the release of his most recent work, “The Wait,” it’s likely that his wealth has increased as a result.

DeVon’s guest spots on shows like “Entertainment Tonight,” “The Meridith Vieira Show,” and many more have contributed to his rising wealth.

DeVon Franklin has been married to actress Meagan Good since 2012. The two met while filming “Jumping the Broom.” They currently call Los Angeles, California home.

How DeVon Franklin amassed his $12 million fortune is detailed in this article.

The First Roles in Movies

DeVon Franklin Net Worth

DeVon Franklin, like many other producers, got his start in the profession as an intern at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Franklin says in one of his books that working at MGM solidified his devotion to the film industry.

He was also grateful for the chance to work on high-profile projects like the heist comedy film Be Cool.

He was able to move up in his career thanks to the experiences he gained in these roles. DeVon Franklin has now begun to amass a film industry fortune.

Finding Joy in Life

As a result of Franklin’s recent promotion to the role of Director of Development at the illustrious Sony Columbia Pictures, he was in a position to oversee the production of many critically acclaimed films, including “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

Because of how well this specific video did, DeVon Franklin was catapulted to the spotlight and received a lot of attention, both of which were beneficial to his career as a filmmaker.

Although it is not known how much Franklin was paid for his work on the project, it is generally believed that he was awarded a sizeable sum after it was finished.

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Recreation in Franklin

Franklin Entertainment was the name of DeVon Franklin’s self-titled production firm, which he established in 2014.

Following the signing of the initial production deal between Franklin’s entertainment firm and Sony Pictures Entertainment, an additional agreement was made with 20th Century Fox. Since the company first began operations, DeVon Franklin has held the positions of president and chief executive officer.

The Franklin Entertainment House is responsible for the production of a number of well-known films, including Miracles from Heaven and The Star, amongst others. This enterprise is mostly responsible for its net worth of 12 million dollars.

DeVon Franklin Net Worth

His Net Worth

The net worth of DeVon Franklin is now around $12 million.

He Is Motivational Speaker

In addition to inspiration, spirituality, relationships, leadership, and the entertainment industry, DeVon is a sought-after speaker on a wide range of topics.

He is well-known for his charismatic presentation style, which is a unique blend of his background in the entertainment industry, spiritual wisdom, knowledge of self-help techniques, and more. In exchange for sharing his expertise through talks and presentations, he apparently receives financial pay.

He is the media’s go-to guy for life lessons on love and life in general. Famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey has hailed motivational speaker DeVon Franklin as “a distinct kind of spiritual teacher for our times” for his profound impact.

He deserves this recognition, and I think we can all agree on that. If you need some inspiration, I guarantee you’ll find it on his social media channels.

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