Jennifer Garner is Concerned About Ben Affleck’s Relapse After His Marriage to Jlo!

Jennifer Garner is apparently worried that her ex-husband Ben Affleck may have a relapse after his marriage to ladylove Jennifer Lopez, which made headlines everywhere. Jennifer Lopez is his ladylove.

An insider has said that the star of The Adam Project is concerned that the events of the past could be repeated and that the fact that the Gone Girl actor is juggling a lot of different things at once could drive him over the brink.

“Jen will always keep an eye on how Ben’s doing,” the insider claimed, adding that even his recent wedding to JLo could not relieve Garner’s strain surrounding her burned-out ex, as reported by OK! Magazine. “Jen will always keep an eye on how Ben’s doing,” the source added.

The further information provided by the source was that “[Ben] definitely has a lot going on right now with Jennifer and all of the attention that comes with their relationship.” In addition, “[Ben] also has a busy career and, of course, his kids.”

About Affleck, who has battled alcoholism in the past, the insider stated, “He’s being pulled in a lot of places, and that’s something that discreetly worries Jen.” Affleck is an actor.

The insider went on to state that Garner does not have an issue with Lopez and added, “Jen is pleased for Ben.” However, the emphasis was placed on the fact that Garner’s concerns have nothing to do with Affleck’s marriage.

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According to a second source, “Both Jennifers get along quite well,” and the mutual respect that exists between the celebrity ladies “has aided positive ties.”

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Additionally, the publication reported that Lopez’s children, Esme and Max, whom she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, “get along brilliantly” with Garner and Affleck’s children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

Affleck and his new wife recently returned from a wonderful trip to Paris, where they spent their honeymoon. During their time there, he was photographed crying during dinner with Jennifer Lopez, and he was also seen dozing off while on a boat ride.

The source provided the following explanation: “Ben dozed off because he was so tired.” “He’s been going nonstop around Las Vegas and putting the finishing touches on the acquisition of their brand-new house in Los Angeles. His life is a constant stream of activity.

“He’s burning the candle at both ends and that’s why he became emotional over dinner with Jennifer,” the source claimed, referring to the romantic date night that the two lovebirds shared on Lopez’s birthday when Affleck was observed crying. Lopez’s birthday was on June 9.

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