Alchemy Of Souls Season 1: Catch The Recap of Episode 14 of This Drama!

The scenario in which Park Jin interrogates Master Lee about his advice for Jang Uk after seeing him master Chisu is a nice touch. According to Mu-deok and Crown Prince Jang Uk, there is no one teaching Jeongjingak mage spells, and the wise teacher refuses to provide Jang Uk such an opportunity. In contrast, the royal appears to be contemplating how much the maid means to her friend.

As for Dang-gu, Seo Yul has noticed his friend’s constant listening to Mu-deok and deduced that he knows exactly who she is and wants to protect her. The genius wizard is displeased that he has little control over the pair’s decisions, despite the fact that he dislikes how close they are.

At the same time, we hear Park Jin explain that Jang Uk is someone who can bring disorder to the world, wary of the young master knowing about the King’s Star which could substantially extend the trainee’s horizons.

We see Jang Uk’s success in reaching Chisu, even if we hear over this feat that the world views people like him as “reckless, unreliable and even dangerous at times” due to his differences from the crowd, with Master Lee explaining that while some people take over a decade to control energy, others are able to do it from birth. According to Lee, some people may be jealous, while others may be concerned, because they don’t know how these individuals’s powers would be used.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 1

Having no idea whether Jang Uk will be able to save the world like Seo Gyeong or the opposite, Master Lee desires to keep a close eye on the young wizard and take away his powers if necessary. It is at this moment that Jang Uk returns to Jeongjingak, where he gets to know Cha Beom better than ever before their duel, and he succeeds.

He wonders if Mu-idea deok’s to use the yin-yang jade to manipulate the Crown Prince was part of a training exercise. So he tells the maid that if Jang Uk loses the last battle, he would burn the object in an attempt to end the romantic connection between the two. Naksu, on the other hand, is unwavering, and the Crown Prince, furious, immediately threw the jade away.

Noticing Mu-apparent deok’s indifference to the jade, the royal accuses her of lying if she really does not care about it being thrown in the trash. We witness Cha Beom withdraw from the fight and endorse Seo Yul for the job as a result of the maid being formally put up as the reward for the final showdown. In the next scene, the genius mage is eager to aid his cousin considering the high stakes involved.

Now that we’ve picked up where we left off, a friendly brawl breaks out. In the end, Seo Yul prevails even after Jang Uk uses spells he learned from prior duels to take the upper hand. Even so, Dang-gu is particularly impressed by the young master’s demonstration of reaching Chisu.

Angry that he knows why Mu-deok put herself up for the tenth battle, the Crown Prince announces the start of the maid’s service to Seo Yul’s tenth challenge. Even while Jang Uk’s injuries are being cared for by Heo Yeom, the elder magician is getting excited by Jang Uk’s show of Chisu.

To appear sincere, Seo Yul is happy with Mu-deok seeing Jang Uk whenever she pleases, although he does request that she accompany him to Seoho Fortress when he returns there pretending to be of assistance. Park Jin discovers that the young master has arrived in Chisu, and he is bewildered by the mage’s rapid advancement. Master Lee is trying to court Maidservant Kim, not Songrim’s leader, Jang Uk, when Songrim’s leader confronts him. Park Jin subsequently asserts that he knows his love interest better than Heo Yeom, even though Heo Yeom thinks he’s naive.

We see an invitation issued to the teacher to stay as long as he desires as he walks away from interrupting a meeting between Master Lee and Maidservant Kim, one that is not given an answer when it becomes clear that Kim harbours feelings for Songrim’s leader.

Seo Yul shows the maid the bird that he used to send letters with, while Jang Uk expresses his concern over not being able to see Mu-deok in Dang-gu, where he had planned to visit. This scene contains a sweet moment involving another bird whistle, demonstrating the potential for the two characters to remain close in the future. Jang Uk, the man in the background, is glumly watching the proceedings.

It’s clear that Mu-deok hasn’t visited Jang Uk because she wants to track down the lost jade first. ‘ We don’t know for sure if she finds it when she sets out to search for it the following night.

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Rumors arise the following day regarding Jang Uk’s virginity and his relationship with Master Lee, who is regarded as the young master’s tutor by his peers. Both Ho-gyeong and the King are referred to Seo Gyeong’s pupil for their concerns about soul-shifters, while Bu-room yeon’s is neglected by staff.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 1

As an early birthday present for his daughter, Woo-tak gives Cho-yeon a necklace as a gift. However, he takes advantage of the occasion to pry something from her neck. This is followed by a wish from Mu-deok to fight Park Jin again when her power recovers. A back-and-forth ensues, with Naksu being referred to as “daring” by Songrim’s boss, who tells the maid to be careful.

Background checks into Mu-deok are ordered by Park Jin as she tries to learn more about the person she initially met with Jang Uk. Aside from being curious, it’s evident that there’s more at risk here.

In Cheonbugwan’s secret room, the persons who had their belongings taken by the trickster are executed in front of the future Bu-yeon stand-in, who is shown to be following So-i. To scare So-i, Jin Mu continues, “Betray me or get your cover blown, and you will meet the same destiny.” He then asks whether anyone else can recognise her, so they can be evicted as well.

After the Crown Prince and Mu-deok finish discussing the jade recovered by the maid, we see the rumours about Jang Uk grow even farther. Infuriated by the behaviour, Naksu confronts Cha Beom’s gang and is backed up by the prince (who stresses that she must inform him of any mistreatment she receives while he is not there).

Mu-deok is on her way to see Jang Uk when she notices the young master acting affectionately towards Lady Heo. Awaiting the departure of the Sejukwon employee, the maid approaches discreetly, the precious thing hidden from view. Despite Mu-desire deok’s that her student embrace Lady Heo in order to prove he is not Master Lee’s pupil, the former assassin flusters the former assassin who later coyly gives the jade she has discovered.

Dang-gu, Seo Yul and Jang Uk join Master Lee as he prepares to head for the palace to make his move for an ice stone. When Park Jin discovers that she is supposed to be blind, she turns to Mu-deok for help, but her former associate manages to take responsibility for the situation for the time being.

He tells Mu-deok he always found it strange that she was supposed to be blind, considering that she could see anybody in front of her, knew if it was going to rain or snow, and encouraged others to do the same. To follow-up on his previous question, he inquires as to whether the servant had run into So-i, a former robber of Mu-deok.

While Jang Uk wonders if the Queen could be a shaman Choi, Mu-deok is again cautioned about So-potential i’s threat, and Park Jin continues to detect lies in the accounts of the former assassin. After that, the Songrim servant heads to the Ferry Inn for additional assistance in hiding her tracks, only to discover her former associate dead.

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