YBN Cordae Net Worth: Who is He? How Rich YBN Cordae Is?

As of 2022, YBN Cordae has a net worth of $1 million because of his music, YouTube channel, and brand endorsements.

Cordae Dunston is a hip-hop musician from the United States. YBN Cordae or Entendre is better known by his stage names.

He was born in North Carolina, although he spent his early years in Maryland due to his mother’s work. As a child, his father was a big fan of hip-hop, and he was initially exposed to the genre by listening to it.

When he was 15, he began composing his own music as a side project. That shifted over time as he learned more about hip hop’s past.

In his junior and senior years of high school, he recorded and released three mixtapes under the moniker Entendre. When he graduated high school, he attended college before dropping out because it was “too huge” for him to handle.

He ended up moving to Los Angeles, where he initially became interested in hip hop. YBN Cordae changed his stage name to YBN Cordae after joining the Young Boss Niggas organization in 2018.

With his remixes of hit songs like “My Name is,” “1985” and others, he quickly rose to fame in the music industry. During his interview with L.A. Leakers, Cordae demonstrated his rapping abilities by freestyling over several rhythms.

Our topic today is YBN Cordae’s net worth and how he built it up.

We’ll also teach you how to get as wealthy as YBN Cordae at the end of this essay. So don’t stop reading until the finish.

YBN Cordae Net Worth

YBN Cordae Net Worth

In 2022, YBN Cordae’s net worth is expected to be $1 million. He is one of the hip-rising hop stars and a rising star in the music industry. After recording a string of successful singles, he shot to fame. The rapper has made a lot of money because of his hard work and dedication.

He made a tonne of money after the release of his successful mixtape “Anxiety,” which featured collaborations with some of the most popular rappers. They’ve been able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle thanks to their many hits.

YBN Cordae makes a lot of money not only from his music but also from brand endorsements. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an example of a product he championed. Puma, a world-renowned sportswear brand, named him their youth brand ambassador. A year’s salary for YBN Cordae is more than $350,000,000.

Cordae’s YouTube channel receives millions of views on a regular basis. The fact that he’s been nominated for two Grammy Awards is one of his many highlights. Cordae’s career is just getting started, but he already has the potential to be one of the top rappers in the world in the coming decades.

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Subtract YBN Cordae’s entire assets from his total liabilities to get at his net worth. The overall assets include investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a home, automobile, or other items. Total liabilities encompass all debts, including school loans and credit card debt.

Name: YBN Cordae
Net Worth: $1 Million
Monthly Salary: $30,000
Annual Income: $350,000+
Source of Wealth: Rapper
Net Worth 2022: $1 Million
Net Worth 2021: $0.8 Million
Net Worth 2020: $0.7 Million
Net Worth 2019: $0.5 Million
Net Worth 2018: $0.3 Million

YBN Cordae’s Net Worth: How Did He Get There?

YBN Cordae will be worth $1 million in the year 2022. He is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from the United States. YBN Cordae is his stage moniker, but he is Cordae Amari Dunston by birth. He is on the XXL Freshman 2019 list because he is one of the hip-rising hop stars. Logic, Chance The Rapper, Anderson Paak, Roddy Rich, Lil Wayne, and many others have worked with the rapper.

YBN Cordae Net Worth

Early on, YBN Cordae began to experiment with his musical talents. “Entendre” was the name of his debut album. After producing remixes of hits like Eminem’s “My Name Is” and J. Cole’s “1985,” he rose to prominence. As a result, he gained a lot of attention in the music community by releasing both of his music videos on YouTube.

To get a better understanding of how the $1 million fortune of rapper, YBN Cordae, was achieved, let’s take a closer look.

To Put It Another Way, How Much Money Does Ybn Cordae Earn From His Music?

YBN Cordae’s music, CDs, tours, and shows bring in more than $2 million. I’m curious as to where exactly he began. It wasn’t long before Cordae realized he wanted to work in the music industry. Because he was still in school at the time, he had to focus on his schoolwork as well. Writing songs took up a lot of his free time, which made it difficult for him to focus on his studies.

The mixtape “Anxiety” was published in 2014, and he went by the stage name Entendre. At the time, he was a member of N.A.G.E., an independent music label. Before “Anxiety,” he had released a few tracks and videos, but this was his debut mixtape. A total of thirteen tracks are included in the album, which includes “Genesis,” “Adrenaline,” “Sucker for Love,” “Wonders,” and “Not Good Enough.”

In 2016, he released his second mixtape, titled “I’m So Anxious.” There were 17 tracks on the second mixtape, including “Pressure,” “Gone,” “Make It Easy,” “About Me,” “Dying,” “Never,” “Can’t Take It,” “All I Ask,” “3 a.m. Thoughts,” “Hideaway,” “Break Up,” “Can’t Breathe,” “I Feel Good,” “2 A.M. Thoughts,” and “2 A.M. Thoughts.” Will Tha Rapper, Jon Bar

“Long Nights,” “All That Glitters,” “Bestfriend,” “Rock Bottom,” “Running Away,” “Come Thru,” “Price Tags,” “Rap Politicians,” “Tough Decisions,” “Nervous,” “Identity Crisis,” “Outro,” “Story,” “Like Woah,” and “2 Worlds, Part 2” comprise I’m So Anonymous, his third mixtape, which was released on August 9, 2017.

Towson University in Maryland was where Cordae went to college after graduating from high school in 2015. However, he left in 2018 because he believed the university was “larger than him.” For the sake of his mother, he was the first in his family to attend college. After that, he relocated from Maryland to Los Angeles, California.

By the start of 2018, he was growing increasingly interested in pursuing a career as a hip-hop musician. In Los Angeles, hip hop has always been a huge part of the culture, and Cordae quickly became a part of it. YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty, whom he had met on Xbox Live but had not yet released any new music, began hanging out with him, despite the fact that he had not yet released any new music.

His closeness to Nahmir and Almighty made him feel like a member of the group. That’s why Nahmir and Almighty refused to declare Cordae an official YBN member, Cordae claims. His social media accounts were still using the name Entendre. YBN Cordae was the moniker he chose to go by.

The song “Introduction to the World” by YBN Cordae, a remix of Eminem’s 1999 song “My Name Is,” was published by WorldStarHipHop in May 2018. “Old Niggas,” his follow-up to J. Cole’s “1985,” was released later.

“Fighting Temptations” and “Kung Fu” were his other two songs released in 2018 as well. During an interview with the band L.A. Leakers in June, he freestyled over Kendrick Lamar’s “Duckworth,” Lil Pump’s “Esskeetit,” and Method Man & Redman’s “Da Rockwilder.” People learned about Cordae thanks to the video’s virality.

He shared the stage alongside Nahmir and Almighty at the Rolling Loud festival. Apparently, he wasn’t used to performing in front of a live audience. Also in New York, Nahmir was inducted into each year’s freshmen class during the 2018 XXL Freshman Show.

Juice Wrld’s North American tour, WRLD Domination, will feature Cordae. There will be 28 stops on the tour. As part of the tour, Lil Mosey and Blake will also perform. He’s also preparing for a European tour with YBN.

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