Lukas NCT: Why Was Lucas Taken Off the List of NCT?

Wong Yuk-hei, who was born in China on January 25, 1999, is better known as Lucas. He is a rapper, singer, and model from Hong Kong who is Thai and Chinese. He is in the South Korean boy group NCT, its Chinese sub-unit way, and the rotating sub-unit NCT U. He is also in the supergroup SuperM. In China, he was a regular on the seventh and ninth seasons of the popular variety show Keep Running.

Lukas NCT

Early Life

Lucas was born in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, on January 25, 1999. His father was Chinese and had Teochew roots, and his mother was Thai. He has one younger brother and went to Yow Kam Yuen College at the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

Lucas helped run his parents’ Thai restaurant in Hong Kong. He went to Thailand often to rest and see his mother’s family. He went there at least once a year.


2015–2017: Pre-debut Activities

Late in 2015, SM Entertainment found Lucas after he did well at a Global Audition in Hong Kong. Lucas was a trainee at SM, where he learned how to model before switching to idol training and learning how to sing, rap, and dance.

He was presented as a member of SM Rookies, a pre-debut training team of young trainees, on April 5, 2017. On April 7, 2017, Lucas was in the music video for “Dream in a Dream” by NCT member Ten. Lucas’s native language is Cantonese, but he studied Korean and Mandarin before his debut.

2018–2019: Debut With NCT

In January 2018, SM Entertainment introduced NCT 2018, a project group for the popular boy group NCT. Lucas, Kun, and Jungwoo all joined the group at the same time. On January 30, 2018, the trio was introduced in SM’s NCT 2018 Yearbook #1. Lucas made his official debut with NCT on March 14, when the group released their first studio album, NCT 2018 Empathy.

Lucas recorded three songs for the album with NCT U, including the title track “Boss,” “Yesterday” (both as NCT U), and “Black on Black” (as NCT 2018). Lucas regularly appeared on the Korean variety shows Real Man 300 and Law of the Jungle in the Last Indian Ocean to promote the album.

Lucas was on Taeyeon’s song “All Night Long,” which was released in June 2018 on her EP Something New. The song reached the top of the Gaon Digital Chart at number 72.

Lucas walked his first runway show at Seoul Fashion Week in 2018. He walked for KYE, Charm’s, and Kappa, three streetwear brands.

For its SM Station 3 project, SM Entertainment put out the digital single “Coffee Break” by Jonah Nilsson and Lucas with Richard Bona in November 2018. In December 2018, it was announced that Lucas would be a part of NCT’s China-based unit WayV, which is managed by SM Entertainment’s label V.

The Vision, the group’s first single, came out on January 17, 2019, making it their official first release. Its first single, “Regular,” was a Mandarin version of NCT 127’s “Regular.” The next month, Lucas became a permanent member of the cast of the Chinese variety show Keep Running for its seventh season.

Lucas was named a member of SuperM on August 7, 2019. SuperM is a K-pop supergroup made by SM Entertainment and Capitol Records. The group’s marketing for the American market started in October.

The first single from SuperM’s self-titled debut EP came out on October 4, 2019. Lucas’s first concert with SuperM was on October 5 at the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles. This was the start of a world tour with stops planned in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Lukas NCT

2020–Present: NCT 2020

Lucas performed with NCT again in October 2020 for the first time since “Black on Black” in 2018. This was for NCT 2020, the group’s second project with all 23 members.

He helped with the songs “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” and its English version, “Faded in My Last Song,” “Volcano,” and “Nectar” by NCT U and WayV on their album Resonance Pt. 1. He was also on the single “Resonance,” which was a group effort.

WayV’s third EP, Kick Back, came out on March 10, 2021. The lead single was also called “Kick Back.” The group’s first number-one album on the Gaon Album Chart is this one.

Lucas came back to Keep Running for its ninth season and is now a regular cast member.

On August 25, 2021, Lucas and another WayV member, Hendery, were going to put out a single called “Jalapeno.” But because of the controversy over his alleged past relationships, SM Entertainment and Label V said that both the release and the promotion of the album would be put off. Lucas also said that he would stop working with WayV for the time being.

Why Was Lucas Taken Off the List of NCT’s New Merchandise?

As the accusations against him spread on social media, the male idol and his management company, SM Entertainment, were finally forced to respond in the last week of August.

Lucas’s response was surprising because instead of denying the accusations and rumors, he posted an apology letter. SM Entertainment said that all of Lucas’s projects have been put on hold, which made fans sad.

In the letter he wrote by hand, Lucas apologized to the people he had wronged. He also said that he would need some time to think about himself and that he knew he had done wrong.

SM Entertainment has also admitted that they were not taking care of their artists’ actions in a responsible way. They have apologized to everyone who was hurt by Lucas’s actions. The company didn’t say anything about whether he will stay with NCT or leave.

Since this news came out in August, their website hasn’t had much to say, other than that the male idol’s flight to China has been canceled.

When fans saw that Lucas wasn’t on the NCT’s new merchandise, they wondered what would happen to him.

Lukas NCT

Fans’ Reactions to Lucas Not Being in the NCT Merchandise

SMTOWN & STORE recently announced that NCT’s merchandise, called “MY ARTIST CARD PACK,” will soon be sold at the company’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza store in Seoul. The set will include a photocard cover as well as random photocards with stickers of the members.

But Lucas’s fans were quick to notice that the sticker set only had the names of 22 members and not Lucas’s.

After the controversy became public, many people thought this would happen. Many of his fans and netizens were happy with this decision, and they asked SM company to get Lucas out of NCT for good instead of just taking his name off of NCT’s merchandise.

Lucas has a lot of fans all over the world who stuck up for him and asked for forgiveness for his mistakes. They say that this is just a love scandal and that he did nothing wrong.

But many of Lucas’s fans were sure that he hadn’t done anything wrong. Instead, SM was putting pressure on him to say sorry. They also said that the accused’s evidence is false and made up, and they said bad things about the company.

Lukas NCT

Fans Want to Know Whether or Not Lucas is Still a Member of NCT

Many of his international fans are still upset because the company quietly took Lucas’ name off of NCT’s products without giving a clear reason why.

Fans want the company to be clear about whether or not Lucas is still an NCT member. This is true whether or not they like Lucas.

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