What Chapter Does Fire Force Season 2 End: the Creator of Fire Force 304 Celebrated Its Release Date!

David Production is in charge of the animation for the second season of the anime TV show Fire Force. It is based on the same-named manga series that Atsushi Kubo wrote and drew. Tatsumi Minakawa took over from Yuki Yase as the show’s director. From July 4, 2020, to December 12, 2020, the show aired.

Aimer sings the first opening theme, “SPARK-AGAIN,” and Cider Girl sings the first ending theme, “ID.” “Torch of Liberty” by Kana-Boon is the second opening theme, and “Desire” by Pelican Fanclub is the second ending theme.

What Chapter Does Fire Force Season 2 End

The Creator of Fire Force 304 Celebrated Its Release Date

The last chapter of Fire Force came out in Weekly Shonen 13, 2022, on February 22, 2022. Atsushi Ohkubo, who made the manga Fire Force and also Soul Eater, made art to celebrate this achievement.

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“The mission of serializing the Fire Force for about 7 years has been accomplished in the magazine that came out today,” he said in a tweet.

The last story arc in October 2021 marked the end of the Enen no Shouboutai manga. In the 46th issue of Weekly Shonen, which came out in 2021, it was confirmed that Fire Force Chapter 287 of Volume 33 was the start of the last arc.

During the Twist phase, the story takes an unexpected turn, and the climax, or Yama, of the story, takes place.

Since Atsushi Ohkubo is No Longer Retiring

Some fans have taken the phrase “Next is Soul World” to mean that a Fire Force sequel would take place in the 800-year gap between the end of Fire Force and the start of Soul Eater. At first, that wasn’t supposed to happen, since Fire Force was supposed to be Ohkubo’s last manga before he quit the business.

Yes, the shocking news is that the author of Fire Force has already said that this story will be the last manga series he writes.

In May 2020, in the “Author’s Notes” section of Fire Force Volume 23, Ohkubo said that the manga’s story was in its “final stage,” but he also said that after he finished the Fire Force manga, he planned to stop making manga. He wants his fans to stick with him “all the way to the end” of the story.

Early in 2022, the person who made Fire Force talked about how the end of the story made him feel like he was out of work.

“When Soul Eater ended, I already had a news story for Fire Force in the magazine, so I didn’t feel like I was finished with the last chapter. But I don’t plan to draw a new story this time, so I don’t feel like I have a job,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’ve been thinking for a long time that if I plan to finish this many chapters on this day, everything will go exactly as planned.

I never let cool things happen, like the story going in a direction I didn’t expect and messing up my plans. My family has always worked in finance and law, so when I tried manga art, I realized I wasn’t the right person for it. But things rarely go as planned outside of work! The PS5 thing is funny lol”

But the last page of Fire Force 304 could have made a big difference. Manga fans should “look forward to Atsushi Ohkubo’s next work,” a note from the editors says, which is different from what Ohkubo said before.

Keep in mind that this is a common way for a manga to end its story. Ohkubo has only talked about retiring on Twitter, but maybe something happened in the last month after he finished drawing the last chapter to make him change his mind.

What Chapter Does Fire Force Season 2 End

The Manga Enen No Shouboutai Wasn’t Always Meant to End in 2022

Since 2015, the Fire Force manga has been published every week in Weekly Shonen Magazine. As of December 17, 2021, Volume 32 was the last one. Late Winter 2022 should be when Fire Force Volume 33 comes out.

The last part(s) of a manga series’ story can sometimes go on for a long time. For example, the last part of the story in the manga Demon Slayer took up more than a third of the chapters.

Fire Force’s final story arc, on the other hand, will be pretty short. But the manga series as a whole is still longer than what Ohkubo had planned.

What Chapter Does Fire Force Season 2 End

Ohkubo said in an interview with Monsters and Critics for the July 2019 issue of Fire Force that his original plan was for Volume 30 to have the end of the whole story. At the same time, this ending point was flexible, and “it could change,” but there will be “no more than 50” volumes.

“I did have an idea of how the story would end from the start,” Ohkubo said, “but it wasn’t too set in stone.” “As I’m making the show, I’ll think of different ways to make it fun and interesting. It can be changed, but my older manga stories all end the way I wanted them to from the start.”

Since Soul Eater ended with Volume 25, Fire Force ending with more than 30 volumes isn’t too short. Ohkubo thought that Volume 16 was “past the halfway point” of the story when he gave the exclusive interview.

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Ohkubo said during a live Dark Souls stream on December 31, 2021, that he planned to finish the manga series in a few chapters. At the time, he only had two chapters left to draw, and he thought the final chapter would take up about two volumes, which would be Volume 34.

Ohkubo wrote on his Twitter account on January 12, 2022, that he would be drawing the last chapter of Fire Force the following week. On January 25, 2022, he posted on Twitter, “Just turned in the last chapter. I still need to do a lot of work.”

As was already said, the last chapter of the Fire Force manga came out on February 22, 2022.

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