Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 Release Date: Where Can I Watch Episodes of BTTH?

The Chinese TV show Battle Through the Heavens started in 2018 and is based on the book Doupo Cangqiong by Tian can Tudou. The date for Season 6 of Battle Through the Heavens is now out. The cast includes Leo Wu, Lin Yun, Baron Chen, Li Qin, Xin Zhilei, and Liu Meeting. From September 3 to October 25, 2018, Hunan TV showed the series.

Xiao Yan (Leo Wu) is Xiao Zhan’s (Yu Rongguang) and Gu Wenxin’s (Wenxin) son (Carman Lee). When Xiao Yan was nine years old, his enemies killed his mother. His father never told him about it.

His martial art didn’t improve until he was fifteen years old, because he spent so much time working on his mother’s ring. Xiao Yan runs into the old man Yao Chen after touching the ring (Baron Chen). With the help of Yao Chen, Xiao Yan makes huge progress in martial arts, and he learns that his mother’s death was the main thing that drove him to do so.

Xiao Yan goes to Jianan Academy and meets new people. After being set up and almost getting away, he finds out that his whole family is going to die. Xiao Yan was brave when he chose a single person to fight the forces of evil. He did this to get revenge for his mother’s death and to do what Jianghu wanted.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 6

Characters and Cast

Leo Wu plays Xiao Yan, who is a master of martial arts, the Elder son, and a student of the Medicine Lord, who is Xiao’s younger brother. When his mother died when he was nine, he lost all of his skills, but as soon as he met Yao Chen, his teacher, he quickly got them back.

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The Dragon Mother of the Gu Clan. He plays Xiao Xun’er, who is a member of the Gu tribe. She was taken in by Xiao Yan’s family when she was young, and she still loves him. She liked him ever since he sneaked in when she was a child and used his Dou Qi to make her bones stronger.

Yao Chen is also known as Yao Chen. Before the Medicine Lord, the Xing Yun Emperor was the one who owned the Xing Yun pavilion. He is the teacher of Xiao Yan. The former teacher and mentor of Xiao Yan’s mother. Li Qin is Xiao Yixian. Li Qin is Xiao Yan’s best friend. She is sick because she has been poisoned by many different things.

Liu Meeting’s blood is full of the blood of the Snake Tribe’s Medusa Queen, Xin Zhilei Theodore Y. Nalan. Xiao Yan’s ex-girlfriend, the young mistress of the Yunlan sect, broke up with him when he lost his abilities. A three-year deal was made with Xiao Yan to fight for the reputation of their respective tribes, and she agreed to keep that deal.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 6

A Recap of the Fifth Season

In the next chapter, what will happen with Xiao Yan’s quest to become a god, his plan to get back at his family, and his realization that he is on the wrong path?

The story of the next season will take place in the Black-Corner Region, which is one of the most dangerous parts of the Dou Qi Continent. Inside these walls is not only the Yunlan Sect but also the much stronger Jia Nan Academy, which is one of the most powerful places to train in the Northwest of the continent. In a time of chaos, those who are weak are eaten by those who are strong.

If you make it through this zone, you’ll have the chance to gain a lot of power and skills, but you’ll also have to fight enemies that are much stronger than Yun Shan’s. Even the first person to learn from Yao Lao will meet him. Meanwhile, here are some more plot details.

When you finish the book, this new part of Xiao Yan’s life will keep you interested and make you laugh. Fans of Season 5 of Doupo Canqiong should stop looking for Season 6 since we’re still in Season 5. Let’s hope it comes back in 2022 and keeps the buzz going.

Battle in the Heavens (Season 6) Spoilers

In the author’s most recent book, Da Zhu Zai, Xiao Yan, and his family move from his homeworld, which is considered one of the lower realms, to the Da Qian Shi Jie (a higher realm where the more substantial level humans are like clouds in the sky). He says what he did to get there.

When Xiao Yan got to the northern part of the realm, he set up the Everlasting Fire Territory. He beat their ancestor when he attacked an old clan and died in the divine flame, which brought him fame and wealth. Because of this, he was called the Flame Emperor. He is known as one of the best experts in the world because he is the Flame Emperor of one of the kingdoms.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 6

Season 6 of Battle Through the Heavens Release Date

Battle Through the Heavens: Season 6 has expected yet to be given a release date in 2022 or 2023 according to internal sources. Don’t worry, we’ll soon know when Season 6 of Battle Through the Heavens will come out.

Here are the platforms where Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 might be available.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Seasons Does the Anime ‘Battle Through the Heavens’ Have?

I’m writing this review after watching all three seasons of the anime and all of the available specials. This review won’t give anything away, so you can read it before you see the movie.

Who is Medusa Fighting in the Heavens?

Cai Lin

One of the main female characters in Battle Through the Heavens is Medusa/Cai Lin. She is the first wife of Xiao Yan and the queen of the Snake-People Tribe.

Where Can I Watch Episodes of BTTH?

You can stream “Battle Through the Heaven” on Rakuten Viki or watch it for free with ads on Rakuten Viki right now.

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