Indian Matchmaking Season 2: Premiere Date and Many More with Sima Taparia!

Indian Matchmaking Season 2 has returned, and Sima Taparia is back in the lead role. Read on to find out more!

It was impossible to ignore the clamor around Indian Matchmaking. The show was a huge hit, with audiences clamoring for more. Sima Taparia, a Mumbai-based matchmaker, and the men and women she helps are the focus of this new Netflix series.

About The Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Throughout the course of the eight episodes, viewers meet a variety of potential suitors and discover whether or not they’ve found the perfect match. One-of-a-kind men and women from around the world were introduced in the series.

\From Aparna, Pradhyuman, Akshay, and Vyasar to Nadia and Ankita, we watched different kinds of clients looking for reaching out to Sima aunty with the hope to find a life partner.

Indian Matchmaking Season 2

So, what do you think? Just a stroke of luck! Another season of Indian Matchmaking is among us, with an intriguing message from Sima. Surely you feel the same way we do.

Sima announced the exciting news on her Instagram page. She also provided us with an insight into the process of Indian Matchmaking by sharing some gorgeous photographs. Sima from Mumbai is back!!”, she commented beside the images.

@Netflix has announced that the second season of Indian Matchmaking will premiere on Wednesday, August 10 PST! When it comes to Indian matching and simataparia, the stars are aligned. “Matchmaking is my passion, and it’s a joy to share my job with audiences throughout the world for giving me plenty of love and respect,” she said in a sweet audio message. “It’s Sima from Mumbai again!”


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When the first season of the programme was made available to the public, we got in touch with Sima to ask her what she felt about the reception the show had received.

She had previously stated, “I am so grateful to all of my viewers for their love. Reading reviews and receiving notes via social media has been an extremely enjoyable experience. I adore all of my devoted fans.

While addressing the criticism, she said, “I always take everything positive. It makes me stronger.”

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Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Premiere Date

The time has come for Sima Taparia to return to the dating scene in order to help those who are still looking for love. The second season of Indian Matchmaking will begin streaming on Netflix on Wednesday, August 10th.

Sima has started posting new season photos on Instagram. Sima folds her hands in the first snap, and Aparna Shewakramani appears in the next several.

The caption read: “Mumbai’s Sima returns! Indian Matchmaking season 2 premieres on Netflix on August 10. Propose a second season of Indian Matchmaking on one knee. Yes, it is right. SEEMA AUNTY and INDIAN MATCHMAKING will return.”

The viewers are ecstatic. “I adore you, and I’m so glad the show’s back!” said one fan. “Waiting!” said another. On Netflix’s website, fans’ opinions differed. “Can’t wait to watch furious,” said one user. Another fan said, “I hope she does better than 0% this season.”

Indian Matchmaking Season 2

In a post, Aparna Shewakramani said, “Hmm, feel like this could be better.” This was a hint about her coming back. During the first season, she had trouble finding a good match. She wrote in the photo’s caption, “I’m back on Indian matchmaking. It will be on Netflix beginning August 10.

Indian Matchmaking is about Sima Taparia, a matchmaker who lives in Mumbai and travels to help people find their real soulmates. She uses traditional methods, such as looking at “kundalis.” During the coronavirus pandemic, people started calling her “Sima Aunty,” and the show became popular, even though it was criticized for supporting practices that are seen as backward.

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