Patricia Altschul Net Worth: What Is The Net Worth of Patricia Altschul In 2022?

A socialite and a reality television celebrity in the United States, Patricia Altschul has accumulated a net worth of $50 million during her career. She is most well-known for being incredibly engaged in the community of artists and for appearing on the hit Bravo reality series “Southern Charm” (2014–present), which was created by her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith.

Both of these things have contributed to her notoriety. A former socialite in Manhattan who now resides in Charleston, Altschul has become a fan favorite on “Southern Charm” thanks to her boundless energy and her entertaining running commentary on the goings-on in her son’s life. In 2017, Patricia released her book “The Art of Southern Charm,” and in 2020, she introduced The Patricia Altschul Elegance Collection, which is marketed as “a place where luxury meets accessible.”

Patricia Altschul Early Life

Patricia Madelyn Day was born on April 16, 1941, in Jacksonville, Florida, and later changed her name to Patricia Altschul. She went to Marymount School and Olney Friends School while she was growing up in Richmond, Virginia, with her family, which included her mother Francis, and her father Walter, who was a doctor.

Patricia received her bachelor’s degree in 1964 and her master’s degree in 1965, both from George Washington University, in the fields of archaeology and art history. She then went on to receive her magna cum laude degree.

Patricia Altschul Career

Patricia Altschul Net Worth

After completing her master’s degree, Patricia began working in the art history department at George Washington University, first as an instructor and later as an assistant professor. After that, she became the owner of a private art dealership in Georgetown known as Arcadia. In the documentary “Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston,” which was released in 2010, Altschul had an appearance. The film was written and directed by Whitney Altschul, Altschul’s son.

In 2014, Whitney developed “Southern Charm,” a reality television show that provides viewers in Charleston, South Carolina with a “real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives.” Whitney’s show is called “A Real-Life Look at How Modern-Day Southern Aristocracy Lives.” He put out the call to Patricia, and she has since made an appearance in more than 60 episodes of the series as of the time this article was written.

“straight shot with a solid background and a tonne of power to fling around,” is how TV writer Christine Lo described Altschul. Patricia has also made appearances on the television shows “Watch What Happens: Live” (2017) and “Celebrity Page” (2017), as well as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” (2019) and the documentary “The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo” (2020).

Her Patricia Altschul Luxury Collection is carried and offered for sale on the House Shopping Network. This collection includes a variety of items for the home, such as clothing, pillows, rugs, and more.

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Patricia Altschul Personal Life

After getting married to L. Hayes Smith in 1962 and having a son named Whitney together (born on June 2, 1968), Patricia and L. Hayes Smith divorced in 1979. Her first marriage, which lasted from 1989 until 1995, was to the successful businessman and physician Edward Stitt Fleming. In 1996, she wed Arthur Altschul.

Patricia was Arthur’s wife until he passed away in 2002. During that time, Arthur was a co-founder of General American Investors, served as a general partner in Goldman, Sachs & Company, and then became a limited partner there.

As a result of Patricia’s prominent status in New York as well as her charitable contributions, she was invited to join the boards of the Rockefeller family Hudson Hills Trust as well as the New-York Historical Society. Her dedication to charitable causes was recognized by the Police Athletic League of New York City, which bestowed upon her the title of Woman of the Year in 2012.

Patricia Altschul Property

Patricia Altschul Net Worth

The Altschuls purchased a mansion on Long Island with thirty rooms in 1997, and in 2009, Patricia sold the property for a price of twelve and a half million dollars. She purchased the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House in Charleston for the price of $4.8 million in the year 2008. The structure with 9,500 square feet of living space and 10 bedrooms was formerly a library when it was constructed in 1853.

Patricia’s refurbishment of the historic property earned her recognition from the Preservation Society of Charleston in the form of a Pro Merito Award and a Carolopolis Award in 2013. It was claimed that she spent more than $5 million on the improvements. The Isaac Jenkins Mikell House was recognized as worthy of inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places in the year 2014.

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