Black Noir Death: Black Noir’s Death Was Considered a Fake by the Boys Fans!

Since the very first episode of The Boys was broadcast in 2019, death and devastation have been staples of each and every one of the show’s episodes.

Since then, we’ve said goodbye to a large number of characters Was a Season of Exploration for Black Noir’s Past and Presenters, and many of them met their end in the most brutal way possible. The conclusion of season 3 appears to have taken the life of a character that was popular with the audience, Black Noir.

However, followers of The Boys are not persuaded by Black Noir’s supposed demise, and a significant number of them believe that he may yet make a comeback.

It was a season of exploration for BLACK NOIR’s past and present:

After spending the majority of the first two seasons of The Boys serving primarily as a supporting character, Black Noir was given several opportunities to take the spotlight in season 3. This occurred as more information regarding his enigmatic history and his peculiar present circumstance was revealed.

Black Noir, whose secret identity was previously unknown but revealed to be Earving, was revealed to have been a member of Vought’s superhero squad known as Payback, which was led by Soldier Boy before the Seven were assembled. Black Noir’s real name is Carving.

As a result of an offer made by Stan Edgar, Noir and the rest of the Payback team betrayed Soldier Boy with the intention of turning him over to the Russians and forming a new team with Homelander as its head.

Black Noir Death

During the battle, Black Noir is severely hurt by Soldier Boy, who causes burns to his face and brain damage. As a result of these injuries, Black Noir transforms into the mysterious and mute character that we have come to know and love.

Black Noir started acting peculiar after he found out that Soldier Boy had returned to the present. In episode 7, he ripped out his tracking chip and hid away at a Buster Beaver pizza restaurant, where he was accompanied by visions of the restaurant’s cartoon mascots.

Black Noir’s cartoon buddies assisted him in making a decision regarding what to do next, and he ultimately decides to go back to Vought Tower and try to persuade Homelander to fight Soldier Boy.

In the Final Episode of Season 3, Black Noir Seems to Have Been Killed

In the climactic episode of season 3, Black Noir and Homelander team up to take on Vought Tower.

Homelander confronts Black Noir about whether or not he was aware of the crucial fact that Soldier Boy was in fact his biological father at the conclusion of the prior episode. Homelander discovered that Soldier Boy was in fact his biological father.

Black Noir gives a sly smile and shakes his head, indicating that he is aware that Homelander does in fact have a biological father.

It should come as no surprise that Homelander is enraged with Noir for keeping that information concealed from him for years. As a result of Noir’s actions, Homelander lashes out at Noir, hitting him in the stomach before removing a number of Noir’s organs.

At the conclusion of the scenario, Black Noir is seen lying on the ground with blood pouring out of his stomach while his fictitious cartoon pals console him with sad comfort as he looks to pass away.

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The Boys Fans Are Sure He Is Still Alive

After what appeared to be Black Noir’s passing at the end of season 3 of The Boys, viewers of the show have wasted no time in going to social media to post speculations that imply Noir might not have actually passed away after all.

On Twitter, a fan remarked, “I don’t think he’s dead, they’ll bring him back because he’s a fan favorite and because Vought never declared his death, only Meave’s which is unusual.”

Black Noir Death

This fan-supported that sentiment, saying that they still have hope because “Vought never announced his death as they did for Maeve.” My other theory is that Vought is going to place a Homelander clone in the suit in order to hide the fact that the original Noir has been killed. We’ll see.”

This fan stated that “He’s definitely going to come back,” and that “probably going to go after Homelander as he does in the comics.”

While another fan said, “Remember when Noir got a full front blast from a terrorist sure who had the capacity to explode and he walked away like it’s nothing with half a face,” I believe that he will make a comeback in season 4 to become a member of Butcher’s gang and that Kimiko will instruct him in sign language.

And last but not least, this devotee has accepted the reality that Black Noir has passed away, expressing his acceptance by stating, “May his cartoon friends console him during his eternal slumber.” It made me feel terrible to see him go.

It is important to keep in mind that one of Black Noir’s superpowers is the capacity to heal himself. Since we have witnessed him surviving a wide variety of severe wounds up to this point, there is a possibility that he may be able to recover, even though it may take some time.

And on top of that, in The Boys comics, Black Noir’s story is vastly different as he is revealed to be a clone of Homelander and eventually goes on to kill the leader of the Seven, so perhaps – as one fan notes above – this could be how that storyline comes to pass as Vought looks to cover up Noir’s death. Moreover, in The Boys comics, Homelander is shown to be Black Noir’s father.

After the season 3 finale of The Boys aired on July 8, 2022, the entirety of season 3 is going to be made accessible to view in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video.

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