What Is the Meaning of Smithfield Death Star?

If you’ve seen Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, you might be wondering what “Expose Smithfield Death Star” means. If so, this article will tell you how to answer this question.

People have been wondering what “Expose Smithfield Death Star” means ever since they saw a masked man jump on stage at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest while holding a sign that said, “Expose Smithfield Death Star.”

What’s “Smithfield Death Star”?

People started taking over the internet to figure out what the caption on that man’s board meant. But we have some important information for people who want to know what “Expose Smithfield Death Star” means. If you want to learn more about it, you should keep reading this article and look below.

Smithfield Death Star

Reddit Smithfield Death Star

Joey Chestnut was in this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, so people were interested to see who would win the battle of eating a hot dog. But a man jumped onto the stage of the event out of the blue.

This caught the attention of the people watching the battle and made them wonder what “Expose Smithfield Death Star” meant. This is why we’re here to talk about this article. Please read the next section to find out what this word means.

Meaning of Smithfield Death Star

It looks like the man who jumped on stage was a Smithfield Foods protester. The man in a mask held up a sign that said “Expose Smithfield Death Star.” Smithfield is the name of an American food company called Smithfield Foods. This company makes pork and is based in Smithfield, Virginia. But this is not the first time that Smithfield Foods has been in trouble because of how it handles food.

Still, PETA also warned Smithfield Foods about being cruel to animals. In response, the company said that its meat is more humane because it uses gestation crates for mother pigs. And the masked man might say “Star Wars” when he says “Death Stars.”

The event was suddenly stopped when the man in the mask jumped up on stage. Joey won the men’s category of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and Miki Sudo won the women’s category. Both of them won a $10,000 prize.

When Joey Chestnut won the match, a protester named Smithfield Death Star came up to him. That video is now going viral. Joey Chestnut won the hot dog eating contest and set a new record.

This is the 15th time he has won this contest, and many people tried to beat him, but no one could beat his record. People are looking for the video we’re going to talk about below. If you want to know what we’re talking about, this article tells you everything you need to know about this news.

Smithfield Death Star

Who is Joey and the Hot Dog Contest?

Joey is a hot dog eater, and this is the fifteenth time he has won the contest. Every year, there is a contest to see who can eat the hottest dogs. He enters every year, and no one can bet against him. This time, he won by eating 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes. No one can imagine eating this many hot dogs in much less time. Now that he won this contest and dealt with the protester who came to hit him, he is in the news.

What Did Joey Do to Get Smithfield?

Now, Joey’s video is going viral on Twitter and other social media sites. People like how he handled the situation and give him a great response. Joey was in the contest, and when he won, a protester insulted him and tried to hit him, but Joey didn’t wait for security and put the man on the ground and choked him himself. The man is fine now.

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According to reports, the protester was also holding a sign that said “Expose Smithfield Death Star,” but it’s not clear what that means.

What is The Protester’s Identity?

The protester has not been named, and the police are looking into him to find out more. People and the media can’t see his face, though, because he stood on the other side of the police. The fight was then stopped at the right time by security.

Smithfield Death Star

Even on TV, the footage is not available, and some people are sharing the wrong face to get more people to watch their videos, even though no video of his face exists. We’re looking for the video, and if any of the people who were shown are in it, we’ll add that to this article right away.

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