Titans Season 4: Actor Brother Blood Confirms That the Final Script Has Been Completed!

It has been confirmed by Joseph Morgan, who will play the DC Comics character Brother Blood in the upcoming fourth season of Titans that the writing for the season finale has been completed.

Titans, which is one of the most well-liked DC television shows on HBO Max, is getting ready to make its comeback later on this year.

Titans is a gritty re-imagining of the Teen Titans that was initially released as an original production by DC Universe. The show follows Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, as he guides a team of youthful heroes.

After the conclusion of Titans season 2, the show was picked up by HBO Max because DC Universe had stopped producing original content and transitioned into a comic book streaming service.

Titans Season 4

In the third season of Titans, the main focus was on the heroes’ struggle against a personal foe in the shape of a former comrade named Jason Todd, also known as the Red Hood. Even though it was revealed that Scarecrow was the main antagonist of Titans season 3, the fourth season will take place outside of Gotham City.

At this time, specifics of the storyline are being kept under wraps; nevertheless, a number of antagonists have been confirmed to feature in Titans season 4. Morgan, who is most known for playing Klaus Mikaelson in the universe of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, is joining Titans season 4 as the DC antagonist Brother Blood. Morgan is one of the actors that is responsible for these villains.

Morgan, out of all of the cast members appearing in Titans season 4, has been the one posting the most frequent updates about her role as the legendary Teen Titans antagonist on various social media platforms. Morgan said on Twitter that the script for the season finale of Titans, which takes place in Toronto, is now officially finished.

This news comes as the production of the fourth season of Titans, which is nearing its conclusion. Morgan acknowledged that he had read it, but he did not offer any secrets about the upcoming episode of Titans season 4. He did, however, use an appropriate GIF of his character from The Originals to explain the episode:

Alongside fellow newcomer Franka Potente, who has been cast as May Bennett, also known as Mother Mayhem, Morgan’s Brother Blood, also known as Sebastian Sanger (rather than Sebastian Blood, as per the comics), will be a series regular. In the comics, the character was named Sebastian Blood.

Morgan’s earlier posts on various social media platforms suggest that the genesis tale of how Sebastian became Brother Blood will be featured in the fourth season of Titans. The character of Brother Blood has now appeared on two different television shows produced by Greg Berlanti. In the second season of Arrow, Kevin Alejandro portrayed a more realistic version of Sebastian.

Titans Season 4

This information provides a clue as to when the new season of Titans will finally be available to stream on HBO Max, given that the cast and crew are most likely currently getting ready to start shooting episode 12 of season 4 with a full screenplay. In spite of the fact that Titans star Brenton Thwaites has stated that the fourth season of the show would premiere in October, Warner Bros. TV and HBO Max have not made this information public.

Since the Titans will not be attending the San Diego Comic-Con at the end of this month, this eliminates one event at which the premiere date might have been revealed. Based on Morgan’s remark, it seems likely that the Titans season 4 finale will begin filming in the near future. As a result, a release date should hopefully be announced soon.

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Director teases Beast Boy’s return in a fresh look for season 4 of DC Titans.

Season 4 of DC Comics’ Titan is here, and he’s ready to take on evil. The fourth season of Titans is one of the most widely awaited superhero series. Several details regarding the upcoming series have surfaced on the internet. Earlier this week, Titans Season 4 director Nicholas Copus teased fans with a new behind-the-scenes peek from filming.

Ryan Potter, who plays Beast Boy, has a different hairstyle in the Instagram image by Nicolas. In the accompanying text, “After a two-week break from filming, Titans is back in the saddle for the second half of season four. As we return to the set, we’ve got some fresh non-spoiler content for you!”


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The fourth season of Titans is now filming and will wrap up on September 30, 2022. Just a few days ago, the director shared an image from his drone footage on his Instagram account, depicting a road. The road appears to be a freeway just outside of Metropolis. A few days later, he wrote: “Up to this point, this season has been the most significant yet! Make an effort to capture a few candid images from the backstage area!”

After Jason’s death, the Titans fly to Gotham City, where Dick partners up with Commissioner Barbara Gordon to protect the city. The Titans find themselves facing their former teammate, Jason, to save Gotham from the clutches of infamous criminal Jonathan Crane. After her death in the previous season, Donna returns from the dead in the third season, where she reunites with Kory in a tumultuous reunion.


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BrentonThwaites, the actor of Titans, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the show’s upcoming fourth season. “The Titans and Superboy may make for an interesting plot. As a result, we’ve seen a lot of him in the past as an excellent teammate and moral supporter who has a strong affinity for Dick’s ethics and ideals “he stated.

He went on to say, “That character, however, has a dark side that we are all aware of, and I believe it would be fascinating to delve deeper into that. I love that character so much. Josh does an excellent job as the character’s flippant good and bad sides.”

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