Ghostemane Dating: Is He Engaged With Poppy?

Eric Ghost is an American rapper, singer, and composer who was born on April 15, 1991. He is also known as Ghostemane or Eric Ghost. Under the name Ghostemane, he has made eight solo albums and three albums with other artists. Most of the music on these albums is a mix of heavy metal, hip-hop, and industrial.

Whitney has also made music under a number of other solo projects. Under the name Baader-Meinhof, she made black metal music. Under the name GASM, she made noise music. And under the name Swearer, she made electronic music. He first played in hardcore punk and doom metal bands from Florida.

In 2015, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to start a career as a rapper. His stage name is Ill Bizz. During this time, he was a member of the hip-hop group Schemaposse.

Ghostemane’s mix of metal and trap music got him a lot of attention on SoundCloud. Ghostemane’s seventh studio album, N/O/I/S/E, came out in 2018. The underground music scene was excited about it because it had a lot of industrial and nu-metal influences.

Ghostemane Dating

Ghostemane’s Biography

Ghostemane was born on Monday, April 15, 1991, in Lake Wales, Florida. Even though Ghostemane is his real name, his friends just call him that. He is 31 years old right now, and in 284 days, he will turn 32. You can find out more interesting facts about this day and your own birthday at BirthdayDetails.

Ghostemane’s Relationship Status

Ghostemane belongs to the Millennial generation. His zodiac sign is a Goat, and his spirit animal is a Hawk. People who were born on April 15 are under the sign of Aries. telling about the horoscope.

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Rapper and music producer who is best known for making hits like “Kybalion,” “Venom,” and “John Dee” by combining metal and hip hop. He is also part of Nemesis, Schemaposse, and the Seven Serpents. His real name is Eric Ghost. He was born and grew up in South Florida.

A lot of celebrity relationships start up every year. We’ll take a look at Ghostemane’s past relationships in the next section.

Ghostemane and Poppy Are Still Together

They started dating in October 2019, and she posted on her social media account in July 2020 that they were engaged. After some time, the couple called off their wedding plans for 2021 and eventually broke up.

She also said that her boyfriend had put pictures of her without makeup online. Poppy was friendly with the singer Marilyn Manson, but when they had a fight in 2021, she took down all of her posts about him.

Ghostemane Dating

Ghostemane and Poppy Are Engaged?

Misunderstandings between the two people led to them getting engaged before they broke up. Even though they both promised to keep their relationship quiet, Poppy posted a picture of her engagement ring on her Instagram story. But when they broke up, they both deleted any photos of the two of them together.


The lyrics of Ghostemane are mostly about occultism, despair, nihilism, death, and illuminism. He started out as a musician by playing drums and guitar in hardcore punk bands. He says that the dark metal band Bathory is what he looks up to the most. His adolescence was dominated by extreme metal bands such as Deicide, Death, Carcass, and Mayhem.

Personal Life

In October 2019, Ghostemane began dating Poppy, a musician, and YouTuber. In July 2020, Poppy announced that they were getting married on social media. The couple got a divorce and called off their wedding in the second half of 2021.

Ghostemane Dating

Early Life

Eric Whitney was born in Lake Worth, Florida, on April 15, 1991. His parents were from New York. Whitney grew up in Florida, in the city of West Palm Beach. As a teen, hardcore punk music was what he liked most.

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He learned to play the guitar and played in several bands, like Nemesis and Seven Serpents. He also played football in high school, saying that his father, who died when Whitney was seventeen, almost made him.

When Whitney was the guitarist for the hardcore punk band Nemesis, a bandmate showed him Memphis rap.

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