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You are at the right place. Here you will find information about his relationships, sexuality, and dating with Charlotte Lawrence. Most of all, we will answer the question: Is Charlie Puth Gay?

American singer, songwriter, and record producer Charles Otto Puth Jr. His first big break came when YouTube videos of his songs went viral and got a lot of views.

Quick Facts About Charlie Puth

  • Born: December 2, 1991 (age 30 years), Rumson, NJ
  • Labels: APG; Atlantic; Loudr; eleveneleven
  • Education: Berklee College of Music (2013), Rumson-Fair Haven High School, Manhattan School of Music
  • Siblings: Stephen Puth, Mikaela Puth
  • Parents: Debra Puth, Charles Puth

Is Charlie Puth Gay?

If you’ve supported Charlie Puth since the beginning of his career, you might be surprised to hear that his sexuality is being questioned. This is because you already know that the “See You Again” star has dated many people.

Charlie’s YouTube videos helped him become famous, which led to him dating several actresses and female musicians.

Charlie Puth Gay

Looking more closely at his past relationships, you will see that the list only has the names of women he has dated.

Several famous women, like Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Charlotte Lawrence, Meghan Trainor, and Lea Michele, are on Puth’s list of women he wants to date.

Is he in a relationship with Shawn Mendes?

Everything started in April 2017, when Charlie interviewed 104.3 MYfm to promote the release of his new single “Attention.” Charlie talked about his relationship with Shawn Mendes in a few different ways during the interview.

Charlie Puth Gay

But because of several things, that interview became very popular very quickly. First, Charlie said that he and Shawn look at pictures of themselves that they send each other over the phone and talk about how they look.

And Puth had shown the interview host the picture that Charlie had given to Mendes.

It looked like they were both trying to build up their bodies faster than the other. This gay tag was first used during that 104.3 MYfm show.

The following year (2018), Shawn returned to the same radio show on 104.3 MYfm, and the host asked him about the photo trade. There were rumours that Mendes was sending picture messages to Charlie Puth.

“This is not a thing,” he said. Charlie once sent me an email with a picture of himself. I didn’t say anything about the picture… I don’t know what he wants to show by bragging about this. As if this was something he should be telling other people about.

Even though Puth has dated several different beauty queens, he has to deal with this kind of rumour because he made a mistake. Everyone in this town knows that Charlie is a kind person.

He might have been trying to be honest with the people in the room, but some of them took what he said the wrong way.

This is where people first heard that he was gay. Rumours are easy to start when we let our guard down and say things before, we think. When we do this, we add fuel to the fire and make the rumour spread faster.

Charlie did the wrong thing when he talked about this in front of other people. Because of this, people have started to say that Charlie Puth is gay. This topic was popular on Twitter for a few days, and many of his supporters spoke up in his defence during that time. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Charlie Puth will give us more hit songs soon.

Charlie Puth Real Sexuality

To start, you must know Charlie’s sexual orientation. Because he has dated so many models, actresses, and female singers, it is clear that he is not gay. Puth has been in relationships with some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women in the past.

Charlie Puth Gay

Now, we need to find out why some people believe the rumour. People say that he worked with Shawn Mendes on a song. So, he doesn’t think of himself as gay but as straight.

Charlie Puth Relationship with Charlotte Lawrence

At New York Fashion Week in February 2019, Puth was seen with singer Charlotte Lawrence. A few weeks later, the two admitted they were dating. Soon after, there were rumours that they were no longer together. But Puth didn’t say anything about the stories until September when he said he wasn’t dating anyone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long did Charlie Puth’s relationship with Charlotte Lawrence last?

Puth and Lawrence broke up in 2019 after dating for less than a year. Lawrence is a good name for a law firm. When they broke up, he was 27, and she had just turned 19. This makes Puth’s tears on TikTok even funnier.

What’s wrong with Charlie Puth?

Charlie Puth told his fans on Wednesday via Twitter that he had a positive COVID-19 test (December 15). The singer of “Attention” sent a short message about how bad his health is and a quick warning for the holiday season.

Why are there scars on Charlie Puth?

The pop singer is not a fake. There’s a story behind the brow. Puth wrote on Twitter that when he was two, a dog bit him and nearly killed him because of the damage to his head. Puth survived, but the accident left a permanent mark on his eyebrow.

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