Julie and the Phantoms Series Cancelled by Netflix

Julie and the Phantoms will premiere on Netflix on September 10, 2020.

The series is inspired by Julie and the Monsters. After one season, the program ended in 2021.

Kenny Ortega, the man behind Disney Channel blockbusters “High School Musical” and “Descendants,” executive produces “Julie and the Phantoms.”

After negotiating a multi-year agreement with Netflix, he created the series. Critics and audiences loved “Julie and the Phantoms.” Despite the show’s success, fans want a second season.

Why was Julie And The Phantoms cancelled by Netflix?

People questioned Netflix’s decision to discontinue Julie and the Phantoms on December 18. Netflix hasn’t said why the show was cancelled and seldom gives reasons.

Low viewership usually leads to program cancellations due to a lack of interest. Netflix’s audience statistics make it hard to know how many individuals saw Julie and the Phantoms in its first and following months.

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What could’ve been the Plot of Julie and the Phantoms?

During Season 1 of “Julie and the Phantoms,” Luke, Alex, and Reggie learn from Julie that music can make them more accurate and help people see and hear them.

Caleb has supernatural problems with the Phantoms all through the season. He gives them a countdown until they supposedly disappear.

Julie and the Phantom season 2

In the end, it seems like the boys have gotten past this hopeless prediction because they can touch each other and connect with the real world. But it looks like Caleb isn’t done with the Phantoms yet, because he uses Julie’s old crush, Nick, to try to get her to sleep with him.

During all of this, “Julie and the Phantoms” also shows how Julie used music to deal with her grief after her mother died. Julie may be able to see Phantoms when other people can’t. This could be because of her mother.

The Phantoms’ former bandmate, who is still alive, recognizes them in a performance video even though he has never seen them in person.

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If people are lucky enough to get a copy of Season 2, “Julie and the Phantoms” is likely to go into these topics in more depth. If the Phantoms can be saved, hopefully, Caleb’s bad plans and Julie’s mother’s story will come out.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Ortega also said that they plan to put on live performances of the show, adding, “We hope the whole world will join us.

Who Would Have Appeared in the Second Season of Julie and the Phantoms?

Season 2 of “Julie and the Phantoms” would probably include some new side characters in addition to the same core cast members as Season 1. Thus, Charlie Gillespie as Luke and Owen Wilson would join Reyes as Julie.

The “Phantoms,” or the trio of musical spirits that Julie unintentionally summons, are Patrick Joyner as Alex and Jeremy Shada as Reggie.

Jadah Marie plays Julie’s closest friend Flynn, Savannah May portrays Julie’s adversary and ex-friend Carrie, and Sacha Carlson plays Nick, Carrie’s boyfriend and the young man Julie has a thing on.

Julie and the Phantom season 2

Booboo Stewart from “Descendants,” who plays a skateboard-loving ghost named Willie who doubles as Alex’s potential love interest, and Cheyenne Jackson, who some may remember from “American Horror Story,” who plays Caleb Covington, are also part of the ensemble.

As Julie’s father, brother, and aunt, Carlos Ponce, Sonny Bustamante, and Alison Araya complete the cast.

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Julie and the Phantom Trailer

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Will Julie and the Phantoms have a second season?

This week, we received the news that Netflix will not be renewing our season. Despite our sadness, we go on with great pride in our team’s accomplishments and the family we formed while developing Julie. We sincerely hope you will stick with us as we advance in our profession and careers.

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