Can Amber Heard Afford to Lose This Case?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it would be near impossible not to be engrossed by the celebrity court case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, which is currently being broadcasted worldwide.

With A-list celebrity names including Kate Moss, Elon Musk, and James Franco all having some role to play in this saga, it’s no surprise that the public has been glued to what has come to be dubbed a trial by social media.

This celebrity court case has many unsolved questions. What will happen to Heard if she loses? Her ‘humble’ $8m net worth is nothing near her $50m lawsuits.

Even if she wins, her career is done. With over 4 million people signing a petition to remove her from Aquaman 2, it’s clear who the public favors.

Undoubtedly, if you’re someone who loves placing wagers on ‘sure things’, this case can easily be considered as such. And who knows, this might become a possibility closer to verdict day. So, our suggestion is to keep your eyes peeled.

With so many new casinos out there offering sportsbooks and the option to place wagers on major events – we’re thinking, why not this case too?

This article examines Amber Heard’s finances to see whether she can afford to lose her lawsuit against Johnny Depp and the financial impact of this loss on her future.

Amber Heard’s Potential Future Earnings

Depp is suing Heard for $8 million, but a trial loss may have far-reaching financial ramifications.

Heard’s CV is outstanding. Heard has appeared in over 50 major and indie TV episodes and films, including All the Boys, Love Mandy Lane, Friday Night Lights, and Zombieland. She’s posed for L’Oréal and Guess Jeans.

Unfavorable press coverage of Heard owing to this defamation case might impact her career prospects and income. Heard worries Depp’s attempts to eliminate her from Aquaman 2 would reduce her role.

She’s currently filming Conor Allyn’s Italian thriller ‘In the Fire’ and will feature in ‘Run Away With Me’ later this year.

Heard’s Hollywood career may not be gone yet.

But this is showbusiness whereas they say ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know, and with so many major celebrities such as Javier Bardem and musician Sia, as well as Depp’s ex-partners Winona Ryder and Kate Moss, coming out to express their support for Depp, it looks like this case could certainly affect Heard’s standing in some circles.

The Counter-Claim in Amber Heard’s Case

Depp is suing heard for $50m, but she has filed a $100m counterclaim, saying he is waging a ‘smear campaign’ against her and that this move is a continuation of the ‘abuse and harassment she faced during their relationship.

Jurors may not be convinced by either side, in which case neither will receive damages and a settlement may be reached. If Heard is not found guilty of libel in Depp’s case, she may be able to recoup her legal fees from him.

Amber Heard can’t lose even superficially in this case. Negative publicity might tarnish Heard’s reputation, which she may hard to regain. This case might ‘chill’ claimed abuse victims, which is harmful to society.

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