The Bad Batch Season 2: Story, Release, Cast: Did It Get Cancelled?

The Bad Batch Season 2: The Bad Batch season 1 has concluded on Disney+, but we won’t see Clone Force 99 or Omega again on the service. Before its two-part finale, the animated series was revived for a second season.

It’s a good thing because our ride with the Batch didn’t conclude on a satisfying note. Perhaps The Bad Batch season 2 will bring their story to a close. Fans of the show have been taken on adventure after adventure with this misfit crew as they strive to find their place in a rapidly changing galaxy for 16 episodes.

The Bad Batch Season 2

The Bad Batch has investigated problems of autonomy, agency, and what it means to be a soldier in an authoritarian regime’s rule.

The season finale marked the end of an era in the Star Wars universe, concluding the season-long journey of answering the mystery of how to clone troopers were phased out of military ranks throughout the galaxy as the Empire gained control.

Where will the program move next, and when will the second installment of Batch’s story be released? Here’s what we know so far.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Plot Predictions

Given how season 1 ended, season 2 of The Bad Batch is likely to feature a split plot once more. Despite the fact that the air had been cleared between Crosshair and the rest of the Batch, they split ways because they essentially believe and desire different things.

The Batch has gone back to being mercenaries, while their sniper waits for the Empire to circle back and find him. They are not currently on opposing sides of a growing war, but they will be in the second season.

The Bad Batch Season 2

At some time, the Batch will have to decide whether to fight alongside the rebels or stay out of the fighting entirely. They don’t see the Empire as an alternative because they disagree with the regime’s actions.

The conflict between Crosshair and his siblings is expected to resurface in the second season. There’s also the ending scene, in which Nala Se is transported to an Imperial facility.

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The Empire now has authority over its scientific theories and clone technology. It’s unclear where they’ll go with this story point, but we could see it again in season 2.

We’ll keep you updated when additional The Bad Batch season 2 news becomes available. Keep an eye on the Dork Side of the Force!

The Bad Batch Season 2 Cast

Despite the huge amount of destruction in “Kamino Lost,” everyone survived until the season finale. As a result, we should see the return of the entire Batch, including Omega and the young clone’s robot.

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Season 2’s presumed cast list is as follows:

  • The Batch and the Regs are played by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Omega is played by Michelle Ang.
  • Cid Noshir Dalal is played by Rhea Perlman, while Vice Admiral Rampart is played by Rhea Perlman.
  • Nala Se is played by Gwendoline Yeo.
  • Admiral Tarkin is played by Stephen Stanton.
  • AZI-3 is played by Ben Diskin.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Release Date

The second season of The Bad Batch will premiere on Disney+ in 2022, but a May release is not in the works. On May 25, the highly anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series will be released on the platform.

Following that declaration, the question of whether The Bad Batch will return in the spring of 2022, as reported in an issue of Star Wars Insider, arose.

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According to The Direct, whose source is a Reddit user with the pseudonym BZPJMJ64, fans were correct to be skeptical of the animated series’ spring delivery timeframe.

The Bad Batch season 2 will arrive soon, rather than in the spring of 2022, according to issue 209 of Star Wars Insider. When will it be? If it does miss spring, it will most likely be summer.

The Bad Batch Season 2

While Andor is also expected to arrive in 2022, Disney+ will not schedule Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Cassian Andor series too close together.

The Bad Batch’s second season would operate as a buffer between the two series, providing more content to Star Wars fans while allowing their tentpole shows to achieve the intended cultural impact.

Disney+ has renewed LucasFilm’s animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch for a second season, which will launch in 2022, just ahead of the Season 1 finale.


The Batch may now have to wait even longer to be revealed. During the 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders webcast, Disney CEO Bob Iger gave a quick synopsis of the year’s Star Wars series.

He only mentioned Andor and Obi-Wan Kenobi, with a teaser trailer for the latter.

In subsequent Star Wars Insider issues, Disney has decided to remove the “Spring 2022” designation from the series, which contradicts past promises.

However, with no additional updates, it looks like the program is having issues that will cause it to be delayed.

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