Bullet Train Movie Release Date: Why Is It Facing a Controversy?

Bullet Train Movie Release Date: Action-comedy “Bullet Train” is a new movie in the United States made by David Leitch and written by Zak Olkewicz. They based it on Maria Beetle, a Japanese book by Ktar Isaka, which was written in Japanese (translated as Bullet Train in English).

As a part of their company 87North, Leitch and McCormick are making Bullet Train, along with Antoine Fuqua and Kat Samick, as well as other people.

Ryosuke Saegusa and Yuma are executive producers for Kotaro, and Sony Pictures’ Brittany Morrissey is in charge of the project.

Who Is Starring in the Bullet Train?

  • Brad Pitt as Ladybug
  • Joey King as Prince
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine
  • Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon
  • Andrew Koji as Yuichi Kimura
  • Hiroyuki Sanada as Takeshi
  • Michael Shannon as Jay Wang
  • Bad Bunny as Wolf
  • Zazie Beetz as Hornet
  • Logan Lerman as Tangerine and Lemon’s associate
  • Karen Fukuhara as a train crew member
  • Masi Oka
  • Sandra Bullock as Maria Beetle
  • Pasha D. Lychnikoff
  • Miraj Grbić

What is the Plot of Bullet Train?

“Bullet Train” is based on Kotaro Isaka’s work “Maria Beetle.” You can expect to see a lot of different assassins on the same bullet train, each with a different job and little knowledge of the other, depending on how closely the movie adaptation follows the book’s plot.

It turns out that their goals are in fact linked as the story goes on, and a dangerous game ensues. In the book, there is a lot of high-octane action and a complicated, twisting plot that reminds people of Guy Ritchie’s early movies.

“Bullet Train” producer Kelly McCormick says the movie has every chance of delivering on that promise.

Bullet Train movie

So, “I think fans and actors are going to have a lot of fun with this movie because it’s a crazy crime caper,” she said. “My favorite thing about the picture and the experience is that I can’t say enough good things about them! Every day is a blast.”

McCormick also said that the film’s small size has helped make some very interesting action scenes. A fun thing about this movie’s action is that it takes place in a small area, she said.

“We’re almost on a train for the whole picture.” “So, how do you think of creativity? What makes something different? In that case, what’s new? It’s been a lot of fun for David and the action crew, which is led by Greg Rementer, who is in charge of the second unit.”

Bullet Train: Release Date

The Bullet Train release date for David Leitch’s next action movie has been moved back somewhat by Sony Pictures. The film, which stars Brad Pitt and a star-studded ensemble, was initially scheduled to hit theatres on Friday, July 15.

It has now been postponed two weeks, and will now be released on Friday, July 29, 2022.

Is There a Trailer for Bullet Train?

The first Bullet Train trailer is now available. The first complete trailer for Bullet Train has arrived, with Brad Pitt surviving a group of assassins all after the same briefcase while riding on the locomotive, following a bogus commercial for the type of train that will be the location of the action movie (check it out below).

With the first Bullet Train trailer, you can see the action and comedy.

Bullet Train Facing Controversy Over Whitewashing

Several non-Asian actors, notably Brad Pitt and Joey King, were accused of whitewashing because their characters in Ktar Isaka’s novel were Japanese.

The castings were criticized by David Inoue, Executive Director of the Japanese American Citizens League, who explained that while the American adaptation would have been appropriate if the setting had been set in the United States, the filmmakers chose to keep the novel’s Japanese setting while keeping Japanese characters in the background, making whitewashing accusations valid.

Despite the recent successes of Asian-led films such as Crazy Rich Asians and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Inoue questioned the actors’ allyship to the Asian community for knowingly accepting whitewashed roles and criticized the film for pushing the “belief that Asian actors in leading roles cannot carry a blockbuster.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bullet Train a True Story?

Bullet Train is Based on the Novel Maria Beetle by Japanese Author Kotaro Isaka.

Where Can I Watch The Bullet Train Movie?

Bullet Train is not Available on any OTT Platform.

On Which Platform Will Bullet Train Movie Be Released?

Bullet Train will be released on Amazon Prime Video.

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