Sick Note Season 3: Release Date | Cast | Plot

Sick Note Season 3: Sick Note is a British comedy television series that premiered on ITV in 2011 and was developed by James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders.

The show’s producer is King Bert. Rupert Grint, Nick Frost, Pippa Bennett-Warner, and Marama Corlett are among the cast members. The first episode of Sick Note premiered on Sky One on November 7, 2017. Meanwhile, the first two seasons of the show have already concluded.

On IMDb, a total of 5,449 users have given the series a 6.8 out of 10 rating, based on the current rating.

Because we constantly monitor news sources to bring you up to date, this page has the most up-to-current information on the progress of Sick Note season 3.

Release Date for Sick Note Season 3

After two successful seasons, the makers of Sick Note have chosen to end the series. Netflix has confirmed the story, stating that they are not interested in continuing the series for another season.

It’s pretty unusual for a series to be canceled after the first two seasons have done well. Matt Lipsey, the filmmaker, expressed hope for a better ending.

sick note season 3
Some speculations suggest that the series will return soon; while this is plausible, it has been nearly four years since the release of season two. There is an extremely slim probability that the series will be revived.

But everything is still possible; it is still not too late to continue the series for a third season, but that will only happen if fan demand increases. So, whatever happens, we’ll make sure to update the page, so keep an eye on it.


  • Rupert Grint plays Daniel Glass
  • Nick Frost plays Dr. Iain Glennis
  • Don Johnson plays Kenny West
  • Pippa Bennett Warner plays Becca Palmerstone
  • Marama Corlett plays Linda
  • Tolu Ogunmefun plays Ash Matthews
  • Lolly Adefope plays Lisa
  • Belinda Stewart Wilson plays Annette Glennis
  • Karl Theobald plays Michael
  • Matilda Thorpe plays Claire Glass
  • Camilla Beeput plays Vanessa Matthews

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Story of Sick Note Season 3

When Daniel Glass is misdiagnosed with fatal oesophageal cancer due to a negligent doctor and decides not to notify anyone, he observes that everyone around him treats him better. As a result, more lies and secrets must be concealed.

Daniel and the doctor become buddies since they both have reasons to maintain the facade. Nonetheless, a local cop suspected Daniel of involvement in a murder case. As more people become engaged, a web of deceit begins to emerge, and eventually, severe crimes are committed.

Recap of Sick Note Season 1

Dr. Iain Glennis, an oncologist, misdiagnoses Daniel Glass with fatal oesophageal cancer. Daniel is forced to make a decision: come clean and return to his former life of scumbaggery, or pretend to be ill.

Despite being left by his ex-girlfriend Becca, he rekindles his relationship with his closest friend Ash, who is having an affair with Becca. Soon after, Daniel finds the affair, and Ash falls over Becca’s balcony by accident.

sick note season 3
Daniel is responsible for disposing of Ash’s body, and the only person who can assist him is the incompetent Dr. Glennis.

They plan to make it appear as if Ash was hit by a vehicle in a hit-and-run. Glennis abandons the body on the side of the road, and Ash is discovered to be alive. Daniel is shocked to learn that Ash is still alive.

WeCover, Ash’s insurance business, plans to use Ash’s cancer in a marketing campaign, so Daniel, Ash, Dr. Glennis, Ash’s wife, son, and mother all arrive at the hospital. Ash is unconscious. Dr. Glennis has inadvertently switched Ash’s phone with his own.

Then Daniel impersonates side effects and undergoes impersonated chemotherapy. As a result of Dr. Glennis’ stupidity, he receives genuine chemotherapy and becomes unwell. Officer Hayward’s inquiry continues.

Ash suffers from locked-in syndrome after coming up from a coma. Later, Ash dies, and Daniel is haunted by a strange figure in the aftermath of Ash’s death. He believes Dr. Glennis murdered Ash.

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