Larry Connor Net Worth 2022: Relationship, Education, Business Career, Timeline

Larry Connor Net Worth 2022: Larry Connor is a real estate and technology tycoon from the United States of America. The Connor Group, a real estate investment firm, is led by Connor.


By the year 2021, the American tech entrepreneur is 71 years old. He was born in Albany, New York, in the United States of America, in the year of 1950.


He has yet to find a collaborator. No one has seen him. We know very little about his prior relationships and engagements. He isn’t married and doesn’t have any children, according to our data.


Connor was born in Albany, New York, in 1950 and graduated from Ohio University in Athens in 1972 with a degree in summa cum laude. There were only 22 students in the 4,500-student class at Ohio University selected to join the university’s J Club. Connor was a member of Who’s Who of College Students.

Net Worth of Larry Connor

Larry, who earned $3 million and had a net worth of $5 million, Larry’s Yeezy sneakers brought in the bulk of his money. Since his business was overstated, his earnings were real enough to make him one of history’s most well-known celebrity cashouts, even if he had exaggerated.

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His primary source of income is his career as a professional racecar driver.

Business Career

From 1982 through 1990, Connor operated Orlando Computer Corp. as a lone entrepreneur. It sold hardware and software to companies in Florida and Ohio. Three friends and business partners founded “Connor, Murphy, and Buhrman” in 1992. Connor bought out his partners in 2003 and founded the Connor Group, presently publicly listed.

The Connor Group’s assets grew from $100 million to $3.7 billion in 18 years. Connor and the Connor Group have been honored by SMBs, the 2017 Dayton Business Hall of Fame, and the Dayton Business Journal Top 100 Businesses in the Region. On April 23, 2020, Connor paid out $1.6 million in incentives.

larry connor net worth

A non-profit organization formed in 2007 by Connor to assist poor youngsters in the places where Connor works. Connor co-founded Heartland Regional Power in 2004. Connor’s online payment and bill processing platform, First Billing Services, bought it. Connor has been a member of the McLean Hospital National Council since 2008.



Larry Connor put into action two of the Connor Group’s Core Values – People Count and Do the Right Thing – on April 23, 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. After recently making $1.6 million in the stock market, Larry surprised all of his employees by announcing that he was handing over the money to them as a token of his appreciation.

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Many awards have been given to Connor and The Connor Group over the years. These awards include the 2014 Glassdoor Top 50 Best Places to Work in the US, Small and Medium-Sized Companies, the 2017 Dayton Business Hall of Fame, multiple Dayton Business Journal Top 100 Businesses in the Region, and many Dayton Business Journal Top 100 Businesses in the Region.

When it comes to national awards for Best Company Culture and Best Workplaces for Women, The Connor Group won two of them in 2019. It also won two regional ones.


the Connor Group relocated to an $18 million facility designed by Moody-Nolan.


As a member of McLean Hospital’s National Council since 2008, Connor has worked closely with the Mayo Clinic.


The Connor Group Kids & Community Partners was founded by Connor in 2007 to help underprivileged children in the communities where The Connor Group operates.

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By the year 2021, it hopes to have a significant impact on the lives of 4,000 children each year through its various programs and initiatives.


The multi-family billing company Heartland Regional Power was co-founded by Connor in 2004. In the end, First Billing Services, an online payment and bill processing platform co-founded by Connor, purchased the firm.


A Real Estate Investment Firm, The Connor Group, was founded in 2003 by Connor after he successfully bought out his partners from Connor, Murphy & Buhrman, which he founded in 1992. The Connor Group’s assets grew from $100 million to $2.8 billion over the next 28 years, with 14 luxury apartment communities in 14 different markets.


When Connor owned Orlando Computer Corp. from 1982 to 1990, he did so as a sole proprietor.

larry connor net worth

Central Florida and Cincinnati, Ohio, were two of the company’s most important markets at the time. If you want to buy an IBM microcomputer, it was the second most popular place to buy them in the state of Florida. It was also a leader in the development of Local Area Networks (LANs).


It was in 1972 that Connor graduated from Ohio University’s Summa Cum Laude program with high grades. Only 22 of the 4,500 students at Ohio University were chosen to join the school’s J Club. When Connor went to college, he was a member of the Who’s Who of College Students.


Born in Albany, New York in 1950, he is a real estate and technology entrepreneur from the United States. He now lives in Ohio. The Connor Group is a company that invests in real estate. Connor runs the company.


There are many aerobatic competitions and races, as well as off-road and circuit racing and other stunts that Connor does. As far back as 2021, he went into the Mariana Trench many times. He dived into it many times as well.

In 2021, the first private crew would go to the International Space Station. It was announced on January 26, 2021, that this would happen (ISS). This is how it worked out: Larry Connor was chosen by the group to be the group leader (Ax-1).

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