Fantastic 4: Release, Casting, Plot and Why Did the Fantastic Four Movie Fail?

Fantastic 4: This 2005 American superhero film is based on the Marvel Comics team of the same name. Fantastic Four (also stylized as Fantastic 4) is a superhero film based on the Marvel Comics team of the same name.

Twenty-First Century Fox distributed the film, which was directed by Tim Story. Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Julian McMahon, and Kerry Washington are among the cast members of the film.

Fantastic Four: The Second Son was the second live-action Fantastic Four film to be produced. Another attempt, named The Fantastic Four, was a B-movie made by Roger Corman that was never released due to financial constraints.

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The Fantastic Four premiered in theatres across the United States on July 8, 2005. It was met with mixed reviews, but it was a commercial success nonetheless. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was released in 2007 as a sequel to the first film. In 2015, a relaunch of the series was launched.


Dr. Reed Richards believes in his book that cosmic energy clouds in space spurred evolution on Earth millions of years ago and that one of these clouds is on its way to Earth.

Reed convinces his conceited MIT classmate, Dr. Victor Von Doom, now CEO of Von Doom Industries, to allow him to use his space station to examine the effects of cloud exposure on biological samples.

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In exchange for ownership of the experiment and a percentage of any earnings, Von Doom agrees. Susan Storm, his principal genetics researcher (and Reed’s ex-girlfriend from MIT), is joining him on the expedition, as is her wild brother Johnny Storm, a teenage astronaut and Ben’s deputy at NASA.

The quintet travels to space to see the cosmic energy clouds, but Reed exaggerates their appearance. Reed, Susan, and Johnny depart the station to find Ben, who has gone on a spacewalk to deposit the samples. Ben is completely exposed in space, whereas the others are just partly exposed.

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Retiring home, they suddenly gain superpowers.

Johnny can engulf himself in flames at temperatures beyond 4000 K (erroneously portrayed in the film as supernova-themed), and fly, whilst Ben is transformed into a massive, rock-based beast with exceptional strength and endurance.

Victor has a scar on his face from an exploding control console he was near during the cloud’s pass as a result of the failed mission’s exposure.

Ben returns home to visit his fiancée Debbie, who is shocked by his new appearance and runs. He goes to the Brooklyn Bridge to ponder and inadvertently causes traffic gridlock while attempting to stop a man from killing himself.

To keep everyone safe, the four employ their particular skills. As the crowd applauds, Ben sees his fiancée drop her engagement ring and flee.

Reed hands the ring to a broken-hearted Ben and vows to help him get over it. They’ve been dubbed “The Fantastic Four” by the media. Victor is told that a news story about a famous group takes precedence over a company’s media fate.

The four head to Reed’s lab in the Baxter Building to evaluate their talents and figure out how to rescue Ben. With his lights glowing, Victor offers his assistance but blames Reed for the mission’s failure.

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Will they find a solution at Reed’s lab?

Reed will create a gadget to reverse the storm’s effects on their bodies but warns that it may possibly accelerate them. Johnny gets into a battle with Ben after making light of Reed, Susan, and Ben’s talents in front of the public.

Johnny maintains that his new abilities are the result of a “higher calling.” Victor’s arm continues to mutate, becoming an organic metal capable of releasing electric bolts, and he begins to strategize how to utilize his new abilities to exact vengeance.

Victor inflames Ben and Reed’s love for Susan by rekindling his feelings for her. Reed reprimands Ben, who rushes out. Susan chastises Johnny for using his gifts for the sake of fame.

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Reed is motivated to use the machine on himself, but he lacks the ability to produce a storm. Victor overhears Reed saying this to Susan and calls Ben to the lab. Doom uses his abilities to provide the energy required to power the machine, restoring Ben’s health and hastening Doom’s transition into metal. Victor assaults Ben and kidnaps Reed.

Victor, now known as “Doom,” wears a metal mask to conceal his physical flaws and tortures Reed with a super-cooling gadget. A heat-seeking missile is launched at the Baxter Building, but Johnny flies around the city to avoid it, lighting fire to a garbage barge to fool it. Susan escapes Doom, while Ben laments his decision to normalize.

Susan, on the other hand, is outmatched when it comes to releasing Reed. Recycle the machine until Ben arrives to assist her. The four form a team to take against Doom in the streets. Ben and Reed saturate Doom in cold water, creating thermal shock and leading him to freeze in place.


  • Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic is played by Ioan Gruffudd.
  • Jessica Alba in the role of Sue Storm / Woman Who Is Invisible
  • Chris Evans in the role of Johnny Storm / Human Torch
  • Michael Chiklis in the role of Ben Grimm / Thing
  • Victor Von Doom / Doctor Doom is played by Julian McMahon.
  • Leonard is played by Hamish Linklater.
  • Alicia Masters is played by Kerry Washington.
  • Debbie McIlvane is played by Laurie Holden.
  • Jimmy O’Hoolihan is played by Kevin McNulty.
  • Maria Menounos in the Role of a Sexy Nurse
  • Ned is played by Michael Kopsa Cecil
  • Willie Lumpkin is played by Stan Lee.

Release Date

Fantastic Four’s American debut was rescheduled from July 1, 2005, to the week of July 8, 2005, to avoid competing with Steven Spielberg’s film War of the Worlds during its first week.

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Fantastic Four debuted at 3,602 theatres in the United States, rising to 3,619 the next week.

Why Did the Fantastic Four Movie Fail?

It failed in many ways, most notably in understanding the characters he was adapting. Despite its many shortcomings compared to the comics and even the 2005 picture, it did take several fascinating chances. The picture has solutions to prior film issues.


The Fantastic Four, which debuted in 1961, is a loving but troubled family. Unlike earlier comics, they fought, carried grudges, and preferred celebrity above obscurity. Aliens like Doctor Doom and Galactus, as well as villains such as Negative Zone ruler Annihilus, sea-dwelling prince Namor, Silver Surfer, and Skrull warrior Kl’rt, have appeared on multiple occasions.

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